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2021-04-12 TaaS, Autonomous Ride Hailing Externalities

From my Tesla Economist comment. I’m speaking from my viewpoint as a So. Californian, where cars are woven into the fabric of society. This view is about externalities that will have a major effect on the future of all of the vehicles and TaaS in the future. In So. Cal. gasoline is about $4 a

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2021-04-02 Limits On Total Numbers Of EVs Made

From FB TSLA group I’m not sure this chart is predicting realistic numbers. As a TSLA shareholder I hope it will be that way. But if we look at the amount of raw materials that will be needed for the hundreds of millions of batteries in the future, there is a point where obtaining enough

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2021-04-01 Tesla Can’t Make Enough Batteries

There are doom and gloom predictions that there will not be enough raw materials for building EVs, especially the batteries. Article Pete Hahn The demand for oil will drop as more vehicles become Electric. Hydrogen will be used for heavy transport – rail, ship and probably heavy trucks. There is a constraint on electrifying

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2021-03-30 VW Changes To Voltswagen In US

April Fools! << Voltswagen >> 😂😂😂

2021-03-28 Lavo, Hydrogen

From TSLA group – about hydrogen from my blog previous to this one. Nick Carrière Said, “…fundamental flaws with hydrogen vehicles…” Well, first off ‘converting to AC for a motor’ is necessary for battery EVs, too. But the losses are only a few percent either way. Said, “Total energy losses are several times higher…” That

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2021-03-27 Tesla, Camry & Audi 5 Year Costs Compared

Something I’ve mentioned: the ‘fuel’ costs for electric vehicles are much lower than gasoline.

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2021-03-24 Tesla Disruptive Tech And Competition

From TSLA shareholders FB group Allen Madison One thing that I haven’t seen any information on is whether or not other carmakers will be replacing or expanding. If other carmakers replace existing ICE production with EVs, then there is no change in the number of cars that others produce. There are only so many customers

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2021-03-14 Wright’s Law: High Volume Manufacturing Praised By Elon

The Tesla factories are “The machines that make the machines” and Elon Musk, from his own experience, understands how complex and difficult it is to get a factory running smoothly at full speed. Wright’s Law Explained by Ark Investments There are good snips of the factory (in Shanghai?) in this YouTube video, especially around

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2021-03-12 EV or Gas – What Pollutes More?

Which pollutes more? This video shows how much the oil and gasoline industry pollutes.

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2021-03-05 Tesla Daily: Tesla Value 1.3 T Or More By 2030

Today I watched Rob Maurer’s Tesla Daily and he went through a spreadsheet of extremely conservative figures. He assumed a 25% growth rate up to 2030, which is half of the 50% that Tesla plans. And the car business, using conservative figures, came to a figure of approximately $670 Billion valuation. The FSD software, assuming

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