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2024-04-12 EVs Are Taking Over The Rest Of The World Much Faster Than The US

The States need to give more incentives to get more people to buy an EV.  EVs are taking over the rest of the world much faster than the US

2024-04-06 Study Shows EVs Do What They Promise – Lower CO2, Pollution

UC Berkeley study.  UC Berkeley study confirms that yes, EVs do what they promise to do

2024-04-05 Musk Debunks Rumor That Model 2 Scrapped, Replaced By Robotaxi

Another false rumor spread by Reuters has been shut down by Elon. Also, Electrek stated: “”Tesla is currently building its new production systems for the next-generation at its Gigafactory Texas facility in Austin.”” Elon Musk shuts down report that Tesla is scrapping its ‘$25,000 Model 2’ electric car

2024-04-01 Little Book Of EV Myths by Faircharge

This should be standard reading for everyone.  We are being lied to by Big Oil and the fossil fuels industries.  It’s time the consumers learn the truth.

2024-03-28 Another EV Myth Debunked, Put To Rest

If the charging is synchronized with your other activities it will be done without having to be there – the fuel pump cannot be left unattended.

2024-03-23 Three Myths About Renewable Energy And The Grid, Debunked

This is a great article by Amory Lovins debunking the myth that the grid requires “base load” – thermal power plants running to back up intermittent renewables.

2024-03-21 EVs Enable The Global Decarbonization With V2G – Another Myth Debunked

Another myth debunked. This Electric Viking YouTube video under 10 minutes. “Quote from video starting at about the 8:06.  “Now, here is what Climate Energy Finance said about this study.  Batteries on wheels – electric vehicles – should be viewed as one of the most important enablers of the full decarbonization of the global energy

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2024-03-20 EV Myth Debunked, Buried

There is the constant criticism fueled(!) by the Big Oil and fossil fuels industries that EVs – electric vehicles – are going to overload the grid.  But this myth has been proven false by the latest statistics.  The amount of electricity on the grid went down 1% according to the figures from the EIA. Furthermore,

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2024-03-17 Top Three Battery Chemistries Coming To EVs

This article gives good explanations of how batteries are made and what advantages and disadvantages they have. The top three battery chemistries coming soon to EVs – and none of them are solid-state

2024-03-12 Oil & Car Industries Fought To Block EVs And Renewable Energy For 60 Years

Oil & Car Industries fought to block EVs and Renewable Energy for 60 years.  This is a very informative 11.6 min. YouTube video from the Electric Viking.

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