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2021-07-31 New Tesla Model Produced In Shanghai?

Rumor said that Tesla’s new low priced – $25,000 – “model 2” or whatever it will be called will be produced on GF Shanghai. It will be based on the model 3. To reduce the cost of the battery pack, which is the most expensive part of the car, the cells will have to be

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2021-07-21 Renewables – The 2nd Wave: Elon’s Grand Scheme

Here’s the Big Quote: << The second wave of renewables is here. What did we learn with the first? By Ted Page -7.14.2021 Here is THE BIG QUOTE: << Companies can accelerate their success today by demonstrating that their technology is part of a larger, more integrated and inspiring solution. Everyone fawns over Elon Musk

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2021-07-21 Myth: EVs Pollute More Than ICEVs

There are lying trolls who spew their anti-EV hatred over the social media, and they’re stupid for claiming the ‘dirty grid’ makes the EVs pollute. That’s absurd to blame EVs for something they have no control over, and that’s not their fault. But these are myths; EVs don’t pollute as much as ICEVs – cars

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2021-07-19 How Much To Charge Your EV

How much it costs to charge your EV.

2021-07-16 Autonomous Ride Hailing Will End Mass Transportation

I read that Orange County Transportation Authority will begin construction of street car tracks in downtown Santa Ana beginning this month. I have been seeing that researchers predict that in the near future, using Artificial intelligence, cars will become smart enough to drive themselves autonomously. Then the ride hailing companies such as Uber and

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2021-07-15 Do EVs use Less Electricity Than Gasoline Cars?

The author seems to have left out all the other power uses of petroleum products. One is the additives that are required. Another might be the power to store, transport and sell the crude and refined products. But did they take into account that the gasoline is burned and only about 25% gets to the

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2021-07-06 Mining Undersea Metal Nodules

The future of batteries may lie under the oceans.

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2021-06-14 Electric Vehicles Are In Stealth Mode

I have a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensing light on my porch for more than a year, and I’ve noticed that it can sense some of the cars that go by. If the car has been running, like coming home it will usually trigger the light. But when a neighbor starts the cold car and

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2021-05-22 RethinkX Rethinking The Future

In this hour YouTube video Tony Seba (RethinkX) talks about TaaS after the 37 minute point. He predicts 95% of passenger miles by TaaS in 2030. The car fleet will shrink 70%.

2021-05-21 Hydrogen Is Inefficient??

From FB group reply Andrew Roddy You failed to state the obvious. Hydrogen, despite its inefficiencies, is more efficient in FCEVs than fossil fuel in ICEVs. And its distinct advantage for heavy transportation is the refueling time can be the same as fossil fuels. See charts below. One more pro for hydrogen efficiency, see this

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