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2023-09-26 EVs Exceed 30% in 4 California Counties

Where I live, in Orange County, California, I see a lot of EVs, mostly Teslas, on the roads and in parking lots. I would guesstimate by the amount I see and by the map that it’s 25% or more. Which makes me very happy because the EVs are helping to save us from death and

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2023-09-23 Tesla Dojo Explained, BMW Partners With AWS

This article starts out briefly explaining Tesla’s Project Dojo. Lots of skepticism, I see here. I think some of these skeptics should just hold their tongues and wait and see what happens. It may take longer than what they think it’s going to take, but eventually they will get to level four, maybe level five

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2023-09-21 The EV Revolution In 5 Charts – Rocky Mountain Institute

A brief synopsis of the report by the RMI, using five charts. Link to report at end. The EIA and other researchers have typically underestimated the change; like the graphs show, their graphs are more like straight line when they should be more like the exponential curves shown. The EV Revolution in 5 Charts

2023-09-20 From 1910 to 1930 We Went From Horses to Automobiles

It’s mandatory that the world stops using gas guzzling fossil fueled vehicles and convert to EVs. Immediately!

2023-09-15 Weed Zapping Autonomous Robot Vehicles

No more herbicides – weed killing chemicals!

2023-09-16 Tesla Gigacasting Whole Frame

Reuters article about using 3D printing sand, slower casting speed and even a 16000 ton Gigapress. All to make a lower cost EV. Original article

2023-09-14 Black Mass Matters! The New Black Gold

The black mass is the concentrated lithium and other metals left when lithium EV batteries are recycled into their parts. This black mass is then processed along with other raw materials to make new batteries. There are these Chicken Littles who say that EV batteries are too expensive, then contradict themselves by saying the EV

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2023-09-13 EV charging Uses Less kWh Than Water Heating In Homes

Less than Air conditioning and less than heating. EV Charging Consumed Less Energy Than Water Heating In A Typical US Household In 2020

2023-09-11 Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer Causes4

Good information Tesla (TSLA) stock surges from optimistic look at Dojo supercomputer Quote: “”Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas wrote in the note: The autonomous car has been described as the mother of all AI projects. In its quest to solve for autonomy, Tesla has developed an advanced supercomputing architecture that pushes new boundaries in custom

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2023-09-09 How Tesla Can Continue 50% Growth

How Tesla Can Continue 50% Growth & Sell 2.7 Million Vehicles In 2024 I have very little confidence in all of Paul’s predictions or assertions. He failed to address other sources of revenue, the biggest of which is the energy storage segment. He didn’t say anything about the Powerwall sales or the VPP electricity arbitrage.

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