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20211-04-14 Anti-electric Bills In State Legislatures

This opinion article is warning us that the gas industry is trying to get states to pass legislation to block the elimination of gas in homes. But it seems to me that this author is most likely from the electric industry and he’s trying to promote electrification of homes. But in fairness, his last sentence

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2021-04-10 Tesla Distributed Global Utility Bigger Than Auto Biz

Musk has said that the energy business may become bigger than the auto business.


2021-04-09 Texas Has A Huge Amount Of Petroleum Pipelines

From a reply in Joe T’s YouTube video 9 April 2021 About pipeline safety. Texas has lots of pipelines but they are much, much smaller and they do not carry DilBit. The diluted bitumen is tar that has been thinned with diluent. If a Keystone sized pipeline ruptured, the dilbit would flood a large area,

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2021-04-09 Incentivize Utilities To Build Renewables Plus Storage

From comment on Matt Ferrel’s Undecided The technologies for green energy and hydrogen are all there. The biggest issue is to get governments to make enough incentives to get companies to switch over to renewables plus storage. Tony Seba (in his YouTube videos) has stated that the country needs to build wind and solar plus

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2021-04-07 Nuclear Power In The U.S.

This quote is from the wiki on Wikipedia. << A cover story in the February 11, 1985, issue of Forbes magazine commented on the overall management of the nuclear power program in the United States: The failure of the U.S. nuclear power program ranks as the largest managerial disaster in business history, a disaster

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2021-04-04 Conventional Power Can’t Compete With Renewables Plus Storage

Comment from this YouTube video When it comes to generating power, there is only one factor that counts: cost per kWh. Renewables plus storage cost less than any conventional power and the cost is still going down. Those fossil fuel and nuclear power plants are unable to lower their costs and are being (and will

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2021-04-03 Disruption And Wright’s Law – Coal Collapse

Very good explanation of Wright’s Law, applied to wind, solar and storage. And what it will do. We are not facing a slow energy transition. We are facing a rapid and total energy transformation, and it has already begun.

2021-04-03 Sand Battery To Store Heat

This is a novel idea. Heat up sand during the daytime with solar energy. After sunset circulate the hot sand through a steam generator to run a turbine and generator. Short 2 min video.

2021-04-01 “We Need Base Load Generation” Myth

Rep. Rodney Davis (R – Illinois) said, (quoted from interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour, 2021 April 1, at about 22:00 point) “The problem is, we still have to have base load generating capacity. That means nuclear facilities that actually have zero emission just like the one in Clinton, Illinois. We also make sure

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2021-04-01 Azelio Stirling Engines

These Azelio Stirling Engines are high efficiency and use molten aluminum to store heat for later use. Matt Ferrel Indecided One thing that he didn’t bring up is that it’s not necessary to change the reciprocating motion of the Stirling engine’s piston to rotary motion. The reciprocating motion could be used to move a

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