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2024-02-23 Small Modular Reactors Are Unlikely To Succeed

In order to get the costs down enough to be competitive, the number of SMRs built will have to be in the thousands.  That many will not be built in the next decade, and SMRs will be too expensive and unlikely to succeed.  The companies building SMRs are now requiring expensive government subsidies just to

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2024-02-20 Small Modular Thorium Molten Salt Reactors Are Coming To Europe

There is one issue that all nuclear plants have and that Sabine didn’t address, and that’s the huge consumption of water that all thermal plants have.  Building nuclear or any thermal plants near a source of coolant water is necessary, and that can become a major conflict when most populated areas are also near water. 

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2023-12-27 Nuclear 3 To 5X More Expensive Than Renewables Plus Storage

Sam the Electric Viking’s 12.5 min. YouTube video explains SMR and other nuclear power have had massive cost overruns. The costs of solar and wind are still falling. The cost of solar or wind is about doubled when battery storage is added. But it is still 3 to 5 times less than the costs of

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2023-11-30 No Country Globally Has The Conditions For Success For Nuclear Generation In The 21st Century.

Michael Barnard says the following quote in this article. Quote: “”No country globally has the conditions for success for nuclear generation in the 21st Century.”” Another quote: “”The vastly majority of the 450 or so nuclear reactors in the world that are generating electricity that gets put into the grid are gigawatt scale. That’s because

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2023-11-28 SMRs Aren’t Viable – a History Of Failures

The article was disheartening – but understandably the reality is renewables plus storage is so much cheaper that SMRs can’t compete The utilities will not contract for a nuclear power plant when they can get solar, wind and battery storage for a fraction of the cost per MWh. What I saw no mention of so

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2022-06-20 Nuscale SMR – Engineering With Rosie

Nuscale SMR video from engineering with Rosie Rosie said, “The amount of land needed for nuclear is small compared to wind and solar…” This is a false and unfair assertion. In the US the nuclear power plants are surrounded by an exclusion zone where there cannot be any population, and this is a large area.

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2022-06-17 SMRs Are Not A Feasible Choice

SMRs Not! A very detailed assessment of the reasons why SMRs – small modular reactors – are not a feasible choice. Quote: << Small modular reactors won’t achieve economies of manufacturing scale, won’t be faster to construct, forego efficiency of vertical scaling, won’t be cheaper, aren’t suitable for remote or brownfield coal sites, still face

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2022-06-05 SMRs – Small Modular Reactors Make 5X Radioactive Waste

Small modular reactors produce 5 or more times the radioactive waste that full sized reactors produce. Quote: ” << Stanford University’s Lindsay Krall, who led the research, said information from the industry is “promotional”, echoing past criticisms that SMRs are still “PowerPoint reactors” with no detailed engineering to back up the concept. “SMR performed

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