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2024-04-09 Nobel Laureate Peter Higgs Has Died

Peter Higgs was famous for his “God Particle” that was finally confirmed a dozen years ago.  Higgs won the Nobel prize in physics for his theoretical physics, among other awards and honoraria.

2024-04-05 Hossenfelder, Ghost Particles With Wavelengths As Long As A Galaxy

So food for thought:   quoted from a comment here. “”@Lund.J. 1d ago If we assume that there was a big bang, then all “particles” are transformations or “phase changes” of the original energy (which is heat, “fire”).  Dark energy is just such a transformation, but in a finer form.  What “fire” (heat) is made of

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2024-03-07 Glass Can Insulate Or Conduct Electricity

I wouldn’t have known or believed it until I actually saw it.  👍

2024-02-20 Small Modular Thorium Molten Salt Reactors Are Coming To Europe

There is one issue that all nuclear plants have and that Sabine didn’t address, and that’s the huge consumption of water that all thermal plants have.  Building nuclear or any thermal plants near a source of coolant water is necessary, and that can become a major conflict when most populated areas are also near water. 

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2024-02-18 Myth: What Goes Up Must Come Down

Dr. Tyson tells us:  The escape velocity of Earth is 7 miles per second.  One minute YouTube short.

2024-01-23 Compressed Spring Stores Energy, Released When Dissolved In Acid

This is something that I did not know. The temperature is higher in the acid when a compressed spring is dissolved, compared to an uncompressed spring. Dr. Tyson explains in YouTube short.

2024-01-19 Tyson: More Molecules In A Cup Of Water Than Cups Of Water In All The Oceans Of The World.

Dr. Tyson says, “There are more Molecules in a cup of water than there are cups of water in all the oceans of the world.” Furthermore you’re probably drinking molecules that passed through the kidneys of Jesus.

2023-12-18 Solid State Battery From Ion Storage Systems

The electrolyte is not a liquid, it’s semisolid gel. It came from research in ceramics. Quote “”The US startup Ion Storage Systems is getting ready to launch their new solid state EV battery out of the pilot phase and into a high volume commercial-scale manufacturing line, with an assist from the 350-year-old materials specialist Saint-Gobain.

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2023-12-11 Hydrogen Electrolyzers Made In China Are Having Major Problems

The hydrogen electrolyzers are having problems when run at less than 50% capacity, and have to be shut down. The makers claim that they would run at 30% capacity. At lower capacities the hydrogen leaked into the oxygen can exceed 1.8%, causing explosions. Also the Chinese are building a very long H2 pipeline. Quote “”…the

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2023-10-14 Quarks: Physics Girl Teaches Us About What Makes Up An Atom

Quarks, antiquarks, quark-antiquark pairs, popping into and out of existence. Valence quarks. Gluons, holding the quarks together. It’s incredible! A 4 minute video.

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