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2022-03-27 Discovery: Overcoming Battery Performance Decline

Discovery. Shear stress, mini earthquakes, etc.

2021-11-27 Electrostatic Machines Website

This website has a huge amount of electrostatic machine projects. Wimshurst, electrophorus, Van De Graaf, and much more.

2021-10-06 Researchers Uncover More About Climate Change

The headline is deceptive. They admit that this doesn’t contradict climate models. Researchers are gaining a deeper understanding of the complex nature of Nature.

2021-10-04 H Quest Develops Hydrogen Pyrolyzer *Without CO2*

This makes hydrogen from methane using electricity, but without CO2. It uses microwaves at 2.45 GHz. from a magnetron.

2021-08-09 Breakthrough In Battery Technology

He talks about developing batteries taking a long time – years – because it’s like cooking: you put things together and then taste it, to see how it works. They have automated some of the procedures, but it’s still time consuming to do all the lab work to find the right chemistry. That is apparently

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2021-07-03 The Myths Of August — Fusion

p.259 << FUSION For over three decades, the goal of fusion research has been to build a machine to harness the violent process that powers the stars and ignites hydrogen bombs. The daunting challenge confronting scientists and engineers working on this project has been to design a reactor that would provide inexhaustible energy by enabling

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2021-06-10 Researchers Find New Way To Generate Electricity

This very interesting and promises to capture CO2 from the ocean and turn it into rock.

2021-04-19 We Are Stardust

“We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out – and we have only just begun.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

2021-03-29 Terrestrial Thermonuclear Fusion

In this Tech For Luddites YouTube video the lady from India explains the drawbacks of ‘terrestrial fusion’. For instance there are only 21 kilograms of tritium in the world. It has to be bred in a [fission] reactor. For an 800 MW fusion plant it will take 125 kg of tritium per year to run

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2021-03-14 A Lot More Trees Than Humans

Guy said prove it. There are 7.5 billion people. There are over 400 times as many trees, 3.04 Trillion. He doesn’t believe it rains diamonds on Neptune. Quote: “At a depth of 7,000 km, the conditions may be such that methane decomposes into diamond crystals that rain downwards like hailstones.[63][64][65] Scientists also believe

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