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2021-04-19 We Are Stardust

“We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out – and we have only just begun.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

2021-03-29 Terrestrial Thermonuclear Fusion

In this Tech For Luddites YouTube video the lady from India explains the drawbacks of ‘terrestrial fusion’. For instance there are only 21 kilograms of tritium in the world. It has to be bred in a [fission] reactor. For an 800 MW fusion plant it will take 125 kg of tritium per year to run

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2021-03-14 A Lot More Trees Than Humans

Guy said prove it. There are 7.5 billion people. There are over 400 times as many trees, 3.04 Trillion. He doesn’t believe it rains diamonds on Neptune. Quote: “At a depth of 7,000 km, the conditions may be such that methane decomposes into diamond crystals that rain downwards like hailstones.[63][64][65] Scientists also believe

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2021-03-13 Can A Black Hole Suck In Another Black Hole?

A second grader asked Neil deGrasse Tyson this question. The answer is incredible. Space-time are so distorted that (I can’t spoil it by giving the answer. You have to watch – it’s only 3 minutes).

2021-02-16 My Thoughts About Time

From FB comment re: If you’re in the time dimension, you’re a part of that dimension and you cannot change where you are in that dimension. All these theories act as though you could jump out of that dimension and observe it. But that violates the whole principle of time as a dimension. So you

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