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2022-06-16 Nanogrid Uses Hydrogen Storage

I really like this all-in-one solar plus storage system which has both batteries and green hydrogen generation, storage and fuel cells. It’s expensive but everything is integrated into one package.

2022-05-08 Audio 10 Meters Over Laser Beam

I got this idea; instead of using a microphone and preamp at the end of a twisted pair, I would build a microphone, preamp and modulate a red laser with the audio and pick up the audio about ten yards away with a light detector. Notice that it runs on two 2V photovoltaic cells in

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The Chinese are making PV panels in the 4 asian countries to bypass tariffs and ‘cheat’ the US. Where does the tariff money go to? I don’t know. But it should go to the domestic PV panel makers that are complaining they can’t compete. The money would compensate so that they can compete against the

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2022-04-28 Ginormous 20 GW Solar + Storage Project in NT, Australia

Sun Cable plans to build 17 to 20 gigawatt plus battery storage in Australia to power Singapore through undersea cable. $30 billion (Aus). To show how Ginormous this project is, divide 20 billion watts by 1000 watts, then multiply by 2.5 (400 watts per panel). So 20 million times 2.5 is FIFTY MILLION solar panels!!

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2022-04-14 Calif. Needs Massive Buildout Of Battery Storage And Hydrogen

San Diego Gas & Electric talk about electrification, which I assume means changing from natural gas to electricity. They base their predictions on needing more renewables plus storage and green hydrogen. They haven’t taken into account that by 2045, sea level rise may force hundreds of thousands of people to have to relocate further inland.

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2022-04-10 Photovoltaic Thermal Panel System

Dave @ JHAT discusses photovoltaic thermal panels and a system by Sunova. The panels are kept cooler and can last much longer – fifty years. My patron comment: The solar water heater panels have been in use for many decades, since before 1980. I’ve often thought that solar PV should be sandwiched with these solar

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2022-03-21 Muni Floating Solar Array

Cohoes, NY will use reservoir for 4 MW solar array. Quote: << “…researchers estimate that installing floating solar photovoltaics on the more than 24,000 man-made U.S. reservoirs could generate about 10 percent of the nation’s annual electricity production.” >>

2022-03-20 Solar Panel Makers May Have A Materials Constraint

This article outlines the incredibly huge amount of solar panels that China is supplying to be installed, much of them in China. The figures are astounding! Quote: << Thus far, 24 of China’s 31 provinces and regions have set out five-year-plan renewables targets which include plans for 375-420GW of solar by 2025 – around 75-84GW

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2022-02-11 Project Links Solar Canopies, Irrigation Canals

This article shows the synergy between solar PV and the use of the canals as the location for solar canopies. They call it agrivoltaics but there is no agriculture or crops. The author said there are three benefits. But the author did not include the added benefit that the canal water keeps the solar panels

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2022-02-02 Court Rules Against Utility’s Billing For Solar Panels

This is in Indiana in Indiana courts. But it may set precedent for future rulings in other state or federal courts. Consumers with rooftop solar are getting fed up with the utilities changing or removing the pay that they’re getting for selling solar power back to the utility. The court needs to make a rule

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