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2019-09-20 Thermonuclear Fusion And Fission, NPPs

from FB comment to Bill Bill Sherman When I was young, Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” When I was concerned about Y2K, Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” Now that I’m old, it’s Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” I’ll be long

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2019-05-02 Regen Using PN2222A Connected Backwards

from FB group Regenerative Rcvr Initiative May 3 Cyril Hodson Superregen receivers are always past the point of regenerative amplification. The AGC for a Regen should keep the regen high but prevent it from oscillating. I was thinking that a CdS photocell could be put in series with the Regen pot, and light from a

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2018-08-30 Using Radio Signal To Power A Receiver

From FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-09-01 There are too many ‘gotchas.’ You have to put up a large sized antenna to gather enough power to run the circuit. That means you cannot use this in a city where the properties are too small, due to lack of space. You go to the country where

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2018-07-18 Storage Batteries For Renewable Energy Systems

Reply left on comments for a YouTube Ted talk by Sadoway on molten magnesium – molten salt – molten antimony storage battery David Tiessen Long ago I calculated that the number of solar panels to populate such a large area would be in the billions. But saying it would have to be the size of

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2017-06-08 AD Has ADP5090

Ever since I’ve been experimenting with Joule Thiefs I’ve done so with the intention of using the circuit for boosting a low voltage source to power a higher voltage circuit.  So I think this Analog Devices ADP5090 is very useful for doing just that: powering circuits up to 200 mW from very low voltage power

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2014-08-02 Solar Panel From Goldmine

I bought a couple solar panels from  They are cat no G20110 and cost $14.00 each. They are 3.5W and 0.19 Amps at 18 volts.  I haven’t had a chance to measure and evaluate them yet.

2013-11-20 LEDs Power TE Flasher, Not JT Flasher

My recent two blogs on powering a flasher with four red LEDs used a flasher made by modifying a Joule Thief.  It works fine, but it requires a toroid core and wire; the flasher I blogged earlier does not require any inductor.  It is a switched capacitor or charge pump,. and it works okay with

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