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2023-09-02 Swiss Solar Panels In Train Tracks

Switzerland is rolling out solar panels between the rails of the train tracks. That’s a creative use of the otherwise unused space. But I wonder how they hook them up to the grid? Short YouTube video.

2023-09-01 California – Putting Solar Panels Beside Highways

I definitely think that the vacant land is a good location to put solar panels. Another is to locate the panels on canopies that cover spaces in parking lots. One problem we had was vandals. There are electric gates along the bike trail and gates are run by a solar panel. The panels were on

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2023-07-23 Hydrogen From Sunlight – Halide Perovskites

Making hydrogen from sunlight – photoelectrochemical reactions.

2023-07-18 Tesla CyberCanopy: Is it a new Tesla product?

Tesla CyberCanopy: Is it a new Tesla product? I believe the US should introduce a ‘cyberincentive’ to add solar PV the all chargers. There has been a continual criticism that the EVs will “overload the grid”. The addition of solar PV and storage to charging stations will alleviate the demand on the grid. And once

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2023-07-09 Groundbreaking Research Transmits Energy From Space To Earth

This is definitely groundbreaking. But I don’t understand why they’re doing it this way. I think the array that’s in space should be as simple as possible – an array made up of thin sheets of metallized mylar that reflect the sunlight to the photovoltaic array on Earth. In their system and mine, there has

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2023-07-04 Western Australia Battery Storage To Replace Coal Power Station

Western Australia is going to shut down its cold fire power plant in a few years. They’re building several battery energy storage systems to soak up solar energy from rooftop solar systems during the daytime. Western Australia is unique in that their grid is independent from the rest of Australia. What I think is so

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2023-06-08 70 – 100% Renewable Energy – List of Articles

This article gives a list of articles, studies of renewable energy. 70%, 80%, 99.9%, 100% Renewables — Study Central

2022-06-16 Nanogrid Uses Hydrogen Storage

I really like this all-in-one solar plus storage system which has both batteries and green hydrogen generation, storage and fuel cells. It’s expensive but everything is integrated into one package.

2022-05-08 Audio 10 Meters Over Laser Beam

I got this idea; instead of using a microphone and preamp at the end of a twisted pair, I would build a microphone, preamp and modulate a red laser with the audio and pick up the audio about ten yards away with a light detector. Notice that it runs on two 2V photovoltaic cells in

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The Chinese are making PV panels in the 4 asian countries to bypass tariffs and ‘cheat’ the US. Where does the tariff money go to? I don’t know. But it should go to the domestic PV panel makers that are complaining they can’t compete. The money would compensate so that they can compete against the

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