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2023-09-26 EVs Exceed 30% in 4 California Counties

Where I live, in Orange County, California, I see a lot of EVs, mostly Teslas, on the roads and in parking lots. I would guesstimate by the amount I see and by the map that it’s 25% or more. Which makes me very happy because the EVs are helping to save us from death and

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2023-08-07 Words Of Wisdom:

I hope you can view this:

2023-08-05 Population Collapse V. Climate Change – Musk

Elon Musk says population collapse is a bigger threat than climate change. Is he right? This is a very good article on a number of different aspects of population change. It gives a lot of good statistics. Also makes aware that that the population isn’t as all important as the resource utilization. The Western world,

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2023-08-02 Researchers Link EVs With Better Air Quality & Health

This is just the early beginning of improvements in air quality and improved health. We just need to hurry up the changeover about a dozen times faster. Researchers Link Electric Cars With Better Air Quality & Improved Health

2023-07-20 The Biggest Enemy Of Success

That first one, getting out of your comfort zone, is the most important. Others: Learned Helplessness – “I can’t do it.” The Path of Least Resistance – always looking for an easy way to acheve a result. But nothing worthwhile can be achieved easily.

2023-07-19 Jeff Goodell “The Heat Will Kill You First”

A 20 min. YouTube interview of Jeff Goodell on his book The Heat Will Kill You First”. He tells how your body dies from excessive heat. Right now high temperature records are being broken in most parts of the US. Heat kills more people than other weather events.

2023-07-10 If Only Hillary Had Been Elected, We Wouldn’t Be In This Mess

So, so true, and so sad. I’ve been saddened by this thought many times. If only…

2023-06-24 The Carbs In Fruit and Processed Foods Are Not The Same

This video explains the difference between carbohydrates in whole fruit and in processed fruit juices. Your body digests them differently. Don’t drink fruit juices! Instead, eat whole fruit, like apples.

2022-10-28 Conservative States Die Younger, Other Stats

Americans die younger in conservative states. Women, especially women of color have higher maternal mortality rates in conservative states.

2022-05-22 Medicare

Brian Tyler Cohen regarding Medicare

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