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2024-05-18 Sticky Insect Spray Kills Without Chemicals

We should get rid of all insecticides.  Use a simple autonomous bug zapper that works around the clock.

2024-04-11 Illegal Abortions Kill Women!

Before 1972, when Roe v. Wade took effect, this was what happened.  Women died from illegal abortions when they got sepsis AKA blood poisoning.  After Roe V. Wade doctors were no longer penalized for giving necessary medical procedures.  Now that Roe V. Wade was struck down, in some states they have gone back to the

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2024-02-25 George Carlin Talks About Human Fetuses, Sperm, Eggs

He makes some very important points.

2024-02-01 Domestic Wood Burners Have Deadly Impacts

This is similar to smoking tobacco products and the second hand smoke from them. There are the same byproducts of burning tobacco when burning wood. Heterocyclic amines and benzopyrene are two. Information about benzopyrene

2024-01-07 EVs Decarbonize! Fossil Fuels Vehicles Are Killing The Earth

YouTube short explains how fossil fuels are much worse than EVs. It is said that gas guzzlers are 150 times worse for the environment.

2023-11-24 No Oxygen, Just Nitrogen, You Die Asleep

Here’s a YouTube short from Hank’s Channel that explains why you don’t know you’re being asphyxiated by pure nitrogen. The reason I’m bringing this up is that a few years ago some guy poured a giant dewar flask of liquid nitrogen into the swimming pool at a party. So some people commented about this on

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2023-11-09 Fire Destroys Blimp Hangar, MCAS Tustin

The 2 blimp hangars on what used to be the Marine Corps Air Station, Tustin, have been there since World War II. Now there is only one; fire destroyed one a few days ago. They are on the National Registry of Historic Places. That’s such a shame. If investigations sho it was arson, I hope

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2023-10-20 Ammonia From Farms Behind 60% Of UK PM2.5 Air Pollution – Study

Ammonia from farms, along with NOx, make up 40% of PM2.5 air pollution in other developed countries. The people should cut back on meat and dairy consumption – eat meat once a week.

2023-10-13 California To Phase Out Gas Cars Over 12 Years

California is going to phase out gasoline cars over the next 12 years. Good read, but critical of some things I don’t think are necessary. Quote from article: “”Automakers will have to gradually electrify their fleet of new vehicles, beginning with 35% of 2026 models sold, increasing to 68% in 2030 and 100% for 2035

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2023-10-09 RFK Jr. Denounced By His Own Family, Who Support Biden

The members of the Kennedy family denounce the candidacy of RFK Jr., say he’s dangerous to our country. RFK Jr is one of the “disinformation dozen” antivaxxers who have lied to the people and have contributed to the deaths of thousands of people due to disinformation about vaccines, especially COVID-19.

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