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2021-04-16 The Long Strange History Of Bill Gates Population Control Conspiracy Theories

FB Comment to Bill Sherman There is plenty of evil out there, and it’s not Gates, it’s those who are making money off of lies about famous people. This great game India dot com website is a fake news outlet. Link about it is at bottom. Gates is made out to be an evil person

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2021-04-09 AntiVaccine Article Spreads False Narrative Julie Megill I read the article. I will say that several things he points out are false. But it doesn’t matter to you because you won’t believe me. The first amendment he talked about applies only to the federal government censoring the press. It does *not* apply to a private company editing or preventing

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2021-04-07 CoVID19 And Vaccination

From FB comments Michael Chumpitazi Jr. Said, “…mind your business … stop worrying about [other people getting vaccinated]” That’s why you’re part of the problem, not the solution. You fail to recognize that prior to CoVID19 everyone was spreading this contagious disease just by being close enough to someone else to shake their hand. Being

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2021-04-06 VAERS Reports Are NOT Deaths

The antivaxxers try to use VAERS as a death list. 😡😠😡😠

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2021-04-05 Scorpion Venom – A Miracle Drug?

Scorpion venom can kill drug resistant bacteria, can find and label brain cancers, and treat pain. Very interesting!

2021-03-24 The New 5G Is Safe

This should not be necessary to continually debunk a myth that should be dead.


2021-03-17 CDC Undoing Damage From Trump Admin.

The junk Trump did to the politics wasn’t as damaging as the damage he did to the Center For Disease Control And Prevention. Trumpsters replaced legitimate scientific data with non-scientific, worthless junk, damaging the CDC’s reputation as a non-partisan source of accurate information. Now the new adminstration is trying to undo the damage that Trumpsters

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2021-03-15 Intro: First Principles Thinking Musk Uses

This blog intros you to the concept of First Principles Thinking that Elon Musk uses. Good examples, especially the flying car.

2021-02-09 Cathie Wood: EVs Half Of All Cars Sold In 5 Years And Other Predictions

Cathie Wood talks about EVs at about the 20 minute mark in this YouTube video. The first part is economics. She talks about digital wallets. She thinks 200 million digital wallets in the US, and it will put financial institutions in harm’s way. As part of automation, she talks about autonomous ride hailing. She says

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2021-02-04 Plant-based Diets Crucial To Global Wildlife

This is important. A quote: << Fixing the global food system would also tackle the climate crisis, the report said. The food system causes about 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with more than half coming from animals. Changes to food production could also tackle the ill health suffered by 3 billion people, who either

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