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2022-10-28 Conservative States Die Younger, Other Stats

Americans die younger in conservative states. Women, especially women of color have higher maternal mortality rates in conservative states.

2022-05-22 Medicare

Brian Tyler Cohen regarding Medicare

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2022-05-11 Pakistan, India 120 Deg C Heatwave News

India heatwave caused by climate change. When the temperature is 37 deg. C or 100 deg. F, and the humidity is very high, the body cannot cool itself by evaporation and cannot regulate its temperature, which causes heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hyperthermia and the person will die.

2022-05-01 Health Ins.

Health “insurance” at the expense of the insured, to benefit the corporation – ‘enhance shareholder value’. 45 min YouTube video.

2022-04-18 Roe V Wade And Making Abortions Illegal

Before the Roe v Wade decision, states had laws that made abortions illegal. Occasionally, in the newspaper I would read the news that a woman had died from septicemia (blood infection) after receiving an illegal abortion. Back then both state and federal laws made marijuana illegal. But that didn’t prevent many younger people from growing

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2022-04-08 Stop Complaining About Wind Turbine Blades!

From FB group It’s not fair and unacceptable to blame wind turbine blades for being a landfill problem. Only 10 to 12% of the total plastic in landfills is due to wind turbine blades. Stop complaining about what’s in the landfills and complain about the plastic waste that’s turning the oceans into trash dumps and

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2022-04-05 WHO: 99% Of World Breathes Polluted Air

The WHO says 99% of the global population breathes poor quality air. 7 million people die of preventable diseases caused by air pollution. This has always been a problem in the Los Angeles metro area and Southern California, which still has smog.

2022-03-30 More EVs Mean Better Health – Lung Assoc.

The American Lung Association claims switching to EVs will save thousands of lives and $72 billion in healthcare costs. Quote: << The report clearly states, “Air Pollution and Climate Change Threaten Public Health.” The ALA points out that too many Americans are breathing in air that could harm our health. Its State of The Air

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2022-03-21 Reducing Humidity – Uses As Much Energy As Cooling

In air conditioning, the reduction of humidity uses as much energy as cooling.

2022-03-01 Covid-19 Infodemic Misinformation, Vaccine Acceptance Research

This research talks about the Covid-19 infodemic and misinformation.

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