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2023-08-08 Tyson Tells Of The Slippery Slope Of Anti-science

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson tells his audience about what happened in the Muslim world a thousand years ago when they went down the slope of close-minded anti-science.

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2023-06-24 Tesla Cyber Rodeo, 9000 Ton Gigapress, Etc.

This is a short tour of the gigafactory Texas during the Cyber Rodeo public event, 15 thousand visitors. Shows robotic arms on the assembly lines. QR codes in a stripe on the floor to guide the autonomous transporters. A few seconds of Arc Attack’s presentation. Very up close shots of the 9000 long tonne Gigapress.

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2021-10-12 Climate Change Deniers Want To Believe Disinformation

The climate change deniers want to believe there is no climate change, that everything will be just fine if we do nothing to combat climate change. Is it fear of uncertainty and upheaval that drives them to fail to deal with reality? These CCDs (climate change deniers) actively seek to prove to themselves that climate

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2021-08-20 Americans Are Brainwashed About Socialism

A short < 5 min. Video about socialism in the past century. Americans don’t have to be afraid of socialism; they have to fear communism.


2021-06-02 Scientists’ Climate Change Agendas??

From FB group climate change Simo Ruoho said, “This is climate, free of agendas.” I don’t see where the scientists who predict ‘climate change’ as we know it have an agenda. They are deathly afraid of what their observations show is happening and measurements and models show what the future will be like. They would

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