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2022-01-09 Nuclear Power Truths

The new nuclear power plants are experiencing huge cost overruns (Hinckley C 24 billion pounds) and decades to bring online due to construction delays. The cost of nuclear power is 3 times wind or solar, per megawatt-hour. It takes decades to bring nuclear power plants online, compared to 2 years for a utility scale wind

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2022-01-08 Global Primary Energy Consumption By Source

This is an animated graphic of global primary energy consumption by source. Interesting.

2021-12-19 Rolls Royce Small Modular Reactors

My comments to Dave Borlace’s JHAT Plus a chart of levelized costs of energy for both conventional and renewable energy. << Thanks, Dave, for the informative video. Nuclear reactors are safe *per TWh* while in operation. The real issues are at the beginning and the end. The beginnings, as you stated, are the huge cost

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2021-10-17 7 Reasons Why Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer…

Seven Reasons why nuclear power is not the answer Quote: << Nuclear advocates claim nuclear is still needed because renewables are intermittent and need natural gas for backup. However, nuclear itself never matches power demand so it needs backup. Even in France with one of the most advanced nuclear energy programs, the maximum ramp

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2021-10-07 Nuclear Fusion Confusion Explained

Sabine explains the difference between nuclear fusion reaction’s Qplasma and Qtotal. There is a huge difference between the two. To put out more power than is needed to keep the reactor running, the output of the fusion reaction must be greater than Qtotal. At the rate the experiments are progressing, it will be many decades

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2021-10-02 3 Reasons Why Nuclear is Clean and Sustainable

The federal Office Of Nuclear Energy tells you how safe and clean nuclear power is. But they don’t tell you the true LCOE – levelized cost of energy – that goes into nuclear power. They don’t tell you how much the enriched uranium fuel costs or where it comes from. They don’t tell you the

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2021-10-01 Nuclear Power Phase Out In EU

Quote: << For those wondering what is happening with nuclear power, it is set to be phased-out by 2030 in Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. Italy has already closed all of its functioning nuclear plants as of 2020. Nevertheless, electricity sourced from nuclear power stations will grow 1% in 2021 and even 2% in 2022.

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2021-09-29 Nuclear Fusion Will Always Be 20 Years Away

This video brings reality to the nuclear fusion gamble. He uses not encouraging words like: “This is a common bamboozling tactic that’s frequently used in fusion.” “Unethical, privately funded startup…” “…use the hype to sell their shares for higher than they bought them.” Especially discouraging is the difficulty of breeding tritium. It’s supposedly going to

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2021-08-26 3.6 Mln Lbs Nuclear Waste Buried On California Beach

“A combination of failures” This is about SONGS – San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station which has been shut down for years and is being decommissioned. But all the high level nuclear waste is being stored on site. For how long? Thousands of years? Or will sea level rise force them to move the waste up

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2021-08-26 Europe’s $250+ Billion Nuclear Waste Bill

This article is from 2016. It says almost half of Europe’s NPPs are set to close “in the next decade” which would be by 2026, so essentially 5 years. The bill for nuclear waste disposal is more than half of the cost. Yet the article says the NPPs may be replaced. Today, now that

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