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2022-06-05 SMRs – Small Modular Reactors Make 5X Radioactive Waste

Small modular reactors produce 5 or more times the radioactive waste that full sized reactors produce. Quote: ” << Stanford University’s Lindsay Krall, who led the research, said information from the industry is “promotional”, echoing past criticisms that SMRs are still “PowerPoint reactors” with no detailed engineering to back up the concept. “SMR performed

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2022-06-03 New Nuclear, SMRs Look Hopeless

There are so many of us that have had hope that nuclear would remain about about 20 to 25% of the US generating capacity. But it looks like that is going to wither away. The existing nuclear power plants are aging and the utilities are planning to shut them down as their licenses expire. Perhaps

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2022-05-15 Life Cycle GHG Emissions Of Nuclear Power

GHG emissions (g CO2 equivalent / kWh) 25.1 — Extract, enrich and deliver fuel 8.2 — Plant construction 11.6 — Plant operation 9.2 — Spent fuel conditioning and storage 12.0 — Deconstruct plant and reclaim land Since a typical NPP puts out 1000 MW, multiply the above by 1 million to get grams CO2 equivalent

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2022-05-07 Nuclear Energy Is Not The Answer – 7 Reasons The 7 reasons why nuclear energy is not the answer to solve climate change Analysis New nuclear power costs about 5 times more than onshore wind power per kWh. Nuclear takes 5 to 17 years longer between planning and operation and produces on average 23 times the emissions per unit electricity generated. In addition,

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2022-04-18 Nuclear Power – The Facts

Link to long article: A quote from this article: << Despite its reputation, nuclear energy has a number of advantages. It’s not only carbon-free, it’s emissions free. It produces tremendous amounts of power with a very small area footprint. It can be sited in any region. And, surprisingly, it has the lowest per kilowatt death

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2022-04-13 Fusion And LCOE – Forever 20 Years Away?

Chris Gillespie The “net energy” is the catch. One **must** consider the LCOE – levelized cost of energy. If the fusion reactor requires that the energy used to fuse *and* make the fuels is greater than or equal to the output of the reactor, then the fusion reactor is a liability and is wasting energy.

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2022-03-30 Laser Fusion Demonstration

They claim that their Laser Fusion demonstration is working. Uses boron and hydrogen.

2022-03-24 Myth: Nuclear Power Is The Only Way to Meet Deadlines

@LordOfNihil Said “[solar panels] won’t meet the energy needs for everyone on the planet, only those who can afford solar panels.” That’s absurd. The used solar panels with “only 80%” are being resold to developing countries where farmers buy them to run the pumps to pump well water for their crops. Anyone can afford the

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2022-03-18 Portable Micro Reactor Develops ~1 MW Electric

This portable microreactor seems a bit unrealistic. The nuclear reaction – more than 3 million watts thermal – puts out a lot of radioactivity. A reactor can’t be placed in an inhabited area without shielding. I suppose they would put the reactor several meters underground where the ground would shield the radiation from living things.

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2022-03-07 Nuclear Fusion Is A Waste, In My Opinion

There are other videos on YouTube besides JHAT. There is one from Tech for Luddites that states that obtaining a supply of tritium is the problem. Another video by a nuclear physicist says that the ITER **research** project ends in 2040 and another even more expensive project will then go to 2060, which by then

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