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2022-03-24 Europe Wasting 10 kT Wheat On Ethanol

There is a food crisis in Europe – a huge amount of wheat is being diverted. Europe uses 10,000 tonnes of wheat to produce ethanol for fuel. The article claims that this is equivalent to 15 million loaves of bread at 750 grams per loaf. But that’s not correct! .75 kg per loaf should give

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2021-10-16 Flexfuel Ethanol Is Not Green!

Long ago the federal government made a really foolish mistake: they passed the Flexfuel law. This was supposed to give us fossil fuel independence. But for every gallon of ethanol made it has required a gallon or more of fossil fuels to make it and get it into our gasoline. Dumb!!

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2020-09-21 Hydrogen Fuel Cells V. Battery Electric Vehicles

My take in a comment >> @mfhberg Said, “[Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles] will die…” Right now, it looks like Toyota’s Mirai, Hyundai and Honda all have a sizeable stake in the HFC market future. These are not backyard grease monkeys, these are car companies that have done a lot research and development. Toyota has had

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