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2022-03-25 China’s Green H2 Message Bad News For Russia

China’s green hydrogen message spells bad news for Russia. Quote: << Green hydrogen made no sense as commercial venture back when the cost of wind and solar power was sky-high. As those costs have come down, the green hydrogen market has exploded, and for good reason. Hydrogen is already part and parcel of the modern

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2021-12-03 Fossil Fuel Company Subsidies

There is a growing body of citizens who want the US government to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. But the government really could use the subsidies to the advantage of clean energy. Instead of ending subsidies, which would end up costing more for consumers, we should require Big Oil and fossil fuels to invest

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2021-10-02 We Must Stop Burning Fossil Fuels Quickly

The world has already risen 1.2 deg C, and stopping the use of fossil fuels is even more urgent than predicted. Quote: << Our analysis suggests that many countries will need to move out of fossil fuel production relatively quickly, which raises concerns about how the transition can be managed fairly. The necessary energy transformation

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2021-08-16 Musk On Carbon Tax, Solar Power

This is a 12 minute lecture by Elon Musk on why the world must have a system to disincentivize the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are adding CO2 to the atmosphere, which is disrupting the natural carbon dioxide cycle that has existed for millions of years. The burning of fossil fuels must be stopped

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2021-05-05 Millions Killed By Fossil Fuel Air Pollution

Thread from FB << Watson Fixer Sharla Knox Pitts Stop your paranoid whining and instead complain about how millions of people and animals are dying prematurely due to coal and fossil fuels causing air pollution and environmental degradation. Millions of people and animals in China die every year because of air pollution. Same with the

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2020-06-17 Renewables Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

Jason WillauerAsked, “What is your source … Renewables cheaper than conventional?IRENA.This 2+ year old article says that by 2020 renewables will be cheaper. Well, it’s 2020 and they already are. The clowns in this administration are trying to save the Fossil Fuel Industry, but no matter what they do, the fossil fuel producers are going

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