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2022-04-15 Hibernating Battery For Seasonal Storage

The PNNL claims this phase change energy storage can hibernate for long-term storage. They stated that the room temperature battery must be heated up to 150 deg C to bring it out of hibernation. There are a few problems that I see with this. The battery takes time and power to heat it up to

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2022-04-05 Water Desalination Skylight

It also generates electricity from the salt brine.

2022-03-26 Musk: Nickel Manganese Batteries

She said the one very important point at the end: << Estimates show that the world is going to need 300 terawatt-hours of battery cell production in order to transition fully to a sustainable future. That is an obscene figure. >> This is a obscenely huge amount of battery cells. This is why the world

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2022-03-20 Tesla Trying To Meet Battery Production Goals

Tesla is trying to meet goals for battery production. This article gets into the technical details of the wet and dry battery production, like NMP.

2022-03-15 Calif Solar Is A Battery Market

California’s Solar market is a battery market. Interesting article. It says that battery storage is to be used as long term storage.

2021-07-25 Low Temp Molten Salt Battery

Low temperature molten salt battery runs at 230 degrees F.

2021-07-04 New EV Battery Recycling Techniques

Ultrasonic is mentioned along with others. The battery makers have a factory reject rate from 5 to 20% so it would be wasteful if they didn’t recycle the factory scrap.

2021-07-01 Battery Recycling Uses Ultrasonics

The battery’s valuable materials are delaminated or stripped away using a high power ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2021-06-29 Sodium Ion Batteries

Sodium Ion Batteries are very similar to lithium ion batteries, but sodium is much cheaper. Wikipedia

2021-04-26 Tesla Battery Production And Resource Supply And Demands

From YT comment to Cleanerwatt With 2 GFs coming online this year and expansion in Shanghai, there will be less constraints on battery production. But the increased demand on lithium, nickel and other battery components is likely to cause costs to rise, thus negating any savings in manufacturing. This is a problem that will be

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