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2021-07-25 Low Temp Molten Salt Battery

Low temperature molten salt battery runs at 230 degrees F.

2021-07-04 New EV Battery Recycling Techniques

Ultrasonic is mentioned along with others. The battery makers have a factory reject rate from 5 to 20% so it would be wasteful if they didn’t recycle the factory scrap.

2021-07-01 Battery Recycling Uses Ultrasonics

The battery’s valuable materials are delaminated or stripped away using a high power ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2021-06-29 Sodium Ion Batteries

Sodium Ion Batteries are very similar to lithium ion batteries, but sodium is much cheaper. Wikipedia

2021-04-26 Tesla Battery Production And Resource Supply And Demands

From YT comment to Cleanerwatt With 2 GFs coming online this year and expansion in Shanghai, there will be less constraints on battery production. But the increased demand on lithium, nickel and other battery components is likely to cause costs to rise, thus negating any savings in manufacturing. This is a problem that will be

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2021-01-19 Battery Storage Disrupts Natural Gas Plants

The Hornsdale Battery Storage has made a big disruption in the market for electricity in South Australia. Since it can supply electricity almost instantaneously it outcompetes the gas turbine generating plants even though it is a much smaller percent of the total electric supply. The South Australia state has a large amount of renewables –

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2020-12-06 Structurally Integrated Batteries

Also left a comment on JHAT Dec 6. Structural batteries and also integration with motors is a fascinating subject. But it suffers from the same problems that the integrated circuits suffered from over the last several decades. Before the integrated circuits could be highly integrated, the optimal structure had to be determined. Things like 8,

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2020-11-17 Tesla Batteries And Supply Constraints

The manufacturing of Electric Vehicles and grid scale storage are constrained by the amounts of batteries that can be supplied by the battery makers around the world. The early Tesla EVs used the ubiquitous 18650 lithium ion cells, something like 6000 per vehicle. In order to reduce costs and weight Tesla went to the larger

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2020-09-30 Fuel Cells Pro’s And Cons; Nat’l Fuel Cell Day

From my comments to YouTube video Matt Ferrell. I think you missed something. The fuel cell is not limited in range, like a battery is. The fuel cell can have greater range without increasing its size. Just add a bigger fuel tank. The fuel cell vehicles can be fueled in a few minutes, not a

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2020-07-28 Tesla Patent for Battery; Clean Energy Stocks

A comment from YouTube video Tesla’s new patent WO2019241869 ****************************** Clean energy stock recommendations I’m especially attracted to 2 of them. Another attractive stock:

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