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2024-04-14 Green Li-Ion Recycled Battery Plant In Oklahoma

North America just got a new recycled Li-ion battery materials plant

2024-03-21 US Battery Storage Smashes Deployment Records In Q4 2023

This is great!  But it’s just a start – we need much, much more storage deployment as soon as possible. US battery storage smashes deployment records in Q4 2023

2024-03-17 Top Three Battery Chemistries Coming To EVs

This article gives good explanations of how batteries are made and what advantages and disadvantages they have. The top three battery chemistries coming soon to EVs – and none of them are solid-state

2024-03-01 CATL, BYD To Slash Battery Prices by 50% in 2024

The battery is the most expensive piece of an EV, so lower costs will reduce the COGS – cost of goods sold, thus the consumer will be able to get an EV for even less.  This makes the EVs more competitive with gas guzzlers.  It will also make the $25,000 EV easier to build. CATL,

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2024-02-22 Building A LiFePO4 Battery

A YouTube short of a 12V 315Ah LiFePO4 battery being assembled. I wish I could find out what the background music is.

2023-12-24 Electric Viking Tells Us About Tony Seba, RethinkX

Sam Electric Viking tells about Tony Seba and his predictions. A lot of changes are going to happen by 2030.

2023-12-23 Inside Info On 4680 Batteries – Joe T.

Quote “”Final note: I confirmed that all Model Y’s currently being built at Giga Texas are using 2170’s, and these are being shipped in from off site. All 4680s are going into the Cybertrucks.””

2023-11-11 You Don’t Need To Replace EV Battery In 10 Years

Sam the Electric Viking dispells some myths that EV batteries don’t last long. There are so many lies spread by the big oil and fossil fuels industries. The EVs can last for twice as many miles as gas guzzlers. And the EVs can save 1000 to 2000 dollars or more a year in fuel costs.

2023-10-31 Iron & Salt Batteries made by Inlyte Energy

Inlyte Energy acquired Beta Research which has patents and a pilot production line to already make iron salt batteries. They say “competitive densities” but I don’t think they’re anywhere near to Li-Ion cells. But they’re much lower cost. They call them ‘sodium metal halide’ batteries. Advancing iron and salt batteries with $8 million in seed

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2023-10-24 Factorial Solid State Battery Plant Opens In Massachusetts

They will be assembling up to 200 MWh of batteries and will be scaling up for mass production. Factorial Energy opens solid-state battery plant, the largest assembly line of its kind in US

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