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2018-07-20 My Digital Dice Were Loaded!

From FB group Building Transistor Radios, Jul 27 Rolando Fernández I bought a kit for a digital die (one die of a pair of dice). I assembled it and then I rolled the die many times and wrote down the values to see if it was random. I was shocked! It was loaded! It was

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2018-07-11 Communist Manifesto

From FB group Orange Talk, July 13 Rebecca Joy It’s still not spelled right. 😝 It’s not Columnist Manifesto. The Communist Manifesto was only a few dozen pages long and at the time was considered the most influential document of the 19th century. The evil Commies were a totally different thing. The Communist Manifesto was

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2018-05-11 Tesla Battery Bank Saves Aussies 90%

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2018-01-29 Battery Capacity Testing

From FB group Another FB member, who’s not in the groups, has also built a battery capacity tester.  I think he uses a 10 ohm resistor.  The typical testers found online apparently use what the battery makers say they use in the data sheets. This link is for the .PDF of the apps manual for

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2018-01-28 Getting Reputable Rechargeable Cells

From FB group Hobby Electronics When a manufacturer purchases parts for the product they are making, they expect to receive what the engineers department had specified in the department’s documents. When the parts are received, the Quality Control department is supposed to check to see if the parts received meet the engineering documents.  I know

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2018-01-22 Demo Of Wireless Charging

for FB group Electronics Hobbyists The demonstration of a wireless charging circuit that I built uses a Joule Thief circuit with two yellow LEDs in series.  The coil is a hand wound loop about 75 mm or 3 inches diameter.  A second loop of gray wire with a white LED (dimly lit at bottom) is

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2016-02-20 Charge Car Battery Faster

I needed to pick some grapefruit from the tree, and I borrowed the picker pole from a friend.  I put it in my Civic and got home, took it out and picked some ruby red grapefruit.  Man, were they Delicious! So Monday I got in the car, and CLICK!  It wouldn’t start.  Then I noticed

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2015-11-28 Recharging From Used Alkalines

I have often seen schematics of Joule Thief chargers for use in charging Ni-MH rechargeables from used alkaline cells.  The idea is to boost the voltage of the used alkaline cell up to high enough to get current the flow into the Ni-MH cell.  One setback is that conventional JTs are only 50% efficient, so

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2015-06-02 Batterizer Claims 8x Battery Life

Thanks for the article, QS.  It shows a whole lot more than Batterizer’s website.  Now that I see what it looks like and how it works, I’m more convinced that it’s not snake oil. According to the article they have been able to miniaturize the circuit.  They say the circuit has been around for awhile. 

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2015-02-06 Ravpower Power Bank Charger

I ordered five of the Ravpower RP-PB08 portable chargers and after I got them and showed them to my friends, they suddenly remarked that they needed one of them.  So my five have suddenly dwindled to just a few left and those may disappear, too. These are rated at 3200 mAh.  That’s just a bit

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