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2021-09-12 Tesla Recycles All Of Battery Packs

New Tesla Battery Recycling Process Reportedly Produces No Waste

2021-09-01 Tab Vs Tabless Cell Design

From FB TSLA Shareholders group discussion about why the big 4680 cells need their design to be tabless for fast charging. Jeffrey Levine From what I’ve found, the reason why the 18650 cells are capable of handling the highest current is that the ‘jellyroll’ is shorter than 2170 or larger cells. A single tab handles

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2021-08-31 Cobalt Free Battery Pack Unveiled

<< Cobalt-free batteries come at a welcomed time as the Earth’s stash is limited and is expected to be in short supply by 2026. Other battery manufacturers like Tesla and Panasonic have put their own R&D into cobalt-free battery packs as well and have shared similar progress. >>

2021-08-17 Laser Hydride Film Stores Hydrogen

This company called Plasma Kinetics has developed a thin film that can store hydrogen at the same volume as a 5000 PSI cylinder but lighter, and lighter than batteries. The medium can be very thin film or disks. The hydrogen is released by shining a laser onto the film. Because the hydrogen does not have

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2021-08-17 BEV Fires Take 40x More Water

I got in a disagreement with a guy about how dangerous hydrogen powered vehicles are. He claimed hydrogen vehicles are more dangerous than lithium batteries. I cited the fires that were occurring in Chevy Bolts recently. So here’s an article that “adds more fuel to the fire” on how dangerous BEVs are. Hydrogen burns but

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2021-08-13 Friday! Free Hydrogen!

Ongoing argument! Ivan Rusev I fully understand the math behind what you’re saying. But I got through explaining why is doesn’t matter, and that fell on your deaf ears! You said, “…if you had no bias whatsoever…” Ivan it’s you that doesn’t have the open mind to give credence to other technologies than batteries. They’re

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2021-08-09 Breakthrough In Battery Technology

He talks about developing batteries taking a long time – years – because it’s like cooking: you put things together and then taste it, to see how it works. They have automated some of the procedures, but it’s still time consuming to do all the lab work to find the right chemistry. That is apparently

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2021-08-08 Molten Salt Metal Air Batteries

Molten salt metal air batteries have higher kWh per kg than lithium-ion.

2021-08-04 Panasonic To Commission 4680 Line In Nevada

Panasonic announced it will start a new production line in Giga Nevada to make 4680 cells. Also new cell chemistry.

2021-08-04 Demand For Lithium Predicted To Increase

This might be marketing hype. Quote << The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates the need for lithium will increase by up to 70 times5 over the next 20 years. For its part, Fitch Solutions projects that for every 1 million electric vehicles on the road, the electric vehicle market will need 60,000 tons6 of

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