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2024-05-29 Solar Panel Controller To Charge Lead-Acid Battery

This is a simple charge controller that includes a dump load to dissipate excess power from the PV panel.  D1 is the reference voltage that feed the 393 comparators, and its forward voltage changes with temperature.  It would be better to use a low power LM317 to give a stable 1.25 volts. Instead of a

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2024-05-28 Many More EV Batteries – Solution To Grid Storage

Article about recycling EV batteries versus using EV batteries for stationary storage.  At this time, recycling is not very efficient. Quote: ““Today we are not very good at recovering metals, loosing almost all the lithium, silicon, phosphorus, aluminum, and graphite, while recovering only copper, cobalt, and nickel which are more expensive,” he says.”” This suggests

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2024-05-12 Giant Batteries Are Transforming the Way the U.S. Uses Electricity

This link to the article is supposed to be free, and *not* behind a paywall.  This well-researched article is a good article, with some statements that are disputable.  One example is that they state that lithium batteries are flammable.  The LFP cells now used in battery storage systems are low to not flammable.  There are

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2024-05-11 New Capacitor With 19 Times Power Density Could Help EV Batteries Last Longer

It looks like this supercapacitor could quickly charge and discharge, thus reducing the cycles on the EV battery.

2024-05-07 Lithium-free Sodium Batteries Enter Production

Natron enters low volume production.  The article says 70 Wh/kg, less than half of lithium.  “”…advantages such as faster cycling, longer lifespan and safer, non-flammable end use have made sodium-ion an attractive alternative…””

2024-04-30 IEA “Batteries And Secure Energy Transitions” Report

Quote: “”The IEA’s “Batteries and Secure Energy Transitions” report finds that capital costs for battery storage systems are projected to fall by up to 40 percent by 2030. This significant cost reduction will make combining solar and wind with battery storage more affordable than building new coal or gas power plants in many parts of

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2024-04-29 Battery Recycling Shatters The Myth Of EV Battery Waste

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2024-04-16 White Vinegar Isn’t Neutralizing NiCad Electrolyte

I put white vinegar on the areas where the NiCad juice turned the PCB green, and it didn’t seem to do anything.  So after awhile I washed it off with plain tapwater.  I used a soft brush and a lot of the green coating washed off.  It’s not in very good shape.  I’m wondering if

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2024-04-14 Green Li-Ion Recycled Battery Plant In Oklahoma

North America just got a new recycled Li-ion battery materials plant

2024-03-21 US Battery Storage Smashes Deployment Records In Q4 2023

This is great!  But it’s just a start – we need much, much more storage deployment as soon as possible. US battery storage smashes deployment records in Q4 2023

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