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2022-06-16 Nanogrid Uses Hydrogen Storage

I really like this all-in-one solar plus storage system which has both batteries and green hydrogen generation, storage and fuel cells. It’s expensive but everything is integrated into one package.

2022-06-12 New Hydrogen Electrolyzer From Hysata

New hydrogen electrolyzer from Hysata Re: conventional electrolyzers, he said, “”…however, difficulties in production and storage, a long with inefficiencies, have stopped it from being a game changer.”” I don’t see what “difficulties in production and storage” have to do with this. Hydrogen is already being produced, stored and transported in massive quantities, albeit

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2022-05-31 Hydrogen Economy Feedback To EU Legislators

Eu legislators and the hydrogen economy wishlist from investors.

2022-05-25 California Battery Storage

2022-05-24 High Energy Battery Lasts For 100 Years

This research from Canadian Dalhousie U. and Jeff Dahn says they developed a high energy density battery that could last for 100 years. The energy density is better than LFP cells. The problem is that it requires cobalt, nickel.

2022-05-17 Zinc Alkaline Rechargeable Battery

This is an interesting new old battery chemistry, developed to be rechargeable. And now the company is selling a storage system to a customer.

2022-05-11 How To Charge An EV At Home

Everything you ever wanted to know… This is Part 1 and there is Part 2.


2022-05-10 “Batteries Are An Environmental Catastrophe”

Cory Little Said, “.. batteries are an ongoing expense and an environmental catastrophe.” Batteries are heavy, and the cost is a large part of the vehicle. The battery tech is advancing, and the LFP batteries are capable of more than 3000 charge discharge cycles. 300 or more miles per charge times 3000 charges is a

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2022-05-01 EOS Gets $200M Financing For Zinc Battery

Nice to hear. EOSE

2022-04-28 Ginormous 20 GW Solar + Storage Project in NT, Australia

Sun Cable plans to build 17 to 20 gigawatt plus battery storage in Australia to power Singapore through undersea cable. $30 billion (Aus). To show how Ginormous this project is, divide 20 billion watts by 1000 watts, then multiply by 2.5 (400 watts per panel). So 20 million times 2.5 is FIFTY MILLION solar panels!!

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