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2021-02-26 Camels In Blizzard In Saudi Arabia

At the 00:45 point in this YouTube news clip they show camels in a blizzard – snowing in Saudi Arabia. 😱😱

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2021-02-19 Global Carbon Project:: Information

Infographics etc.

2021-02-13 Trump’s 2nd Impeachment, 2nd Acquittal

A friend asked me what I thought about the results of the second impeachment. I had seen the newsmedia that said that they had talked to some of the Republicans and there was a consensus that there would not be the two-thirds of the votes needed to convict Trump. So when the final votes were

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2021-02-07 The Epoch Times Is Politically Influenced

The Epoch times tries to come across as a “fair balanced” news source. From what I’ve read it is not fair and balanced. This article is claiming that a wind farm is a ‘potential security threat’ to the US. I’m not sure that wind turbines are going to steal secrets. Here is what

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2021-02-05 Corn Fed Cows Are 3 to 40% Efficient

From Sci Warning FB group Bertrand Esarte-sarries Your praise for the meat industry means *nothing* if the Earth can’t feed the people. It’s not about health, it’s about enough food to feed everyone. I suppose you will praise the meat industry when they have to start slaughtering and selling human meat! Otherwise there will be

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2021-02-04 Iceberg Threatened S. Georgia Is. Is Melting

The trillion ton A68 iceberg broke off of the antarctic ice shelf in 2017 and has been floating around down there since, slowly melting. This is the one they said was the size of Delaware. The Brits are studying it to see what effects it’s having on the wildlife. The Thwaites Ice Shelf is being

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2021-02-01 Trump Influence On Congressmen

Yes, that’s being brought up in the media. My opinion is that those congressmen who vote to not convict Trump after the trial should have to answer for their malfeasance. I’ve been finding out more about what media believes Trump will do. They figure that if a Republican congressman does not stay loyal to Trump,

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2021-01-29 Gigafactory Texas Timelines & Map

From Joe’s video of Jan 29.

2021-01-26 Monkey Business


2021-01-21 Biden Cancels Trump’s Keystone Pipeline Permission

From FB comment I see all this speculation about what’s going to happen in the future with the Keystone Pipeline but no one brings up a few very important points. There are already pipelines from Canada to the south, so this cancelled pipeline is increasing the existing amount coming into the US. The cancellation is

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