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2022-05-24 High Energy Battery Lasts For 100 Years

This research from Canadian Dalhousie U. and Jeff Dahn says they developed a high energy density battery that could last for 100 years. The energy density is better than LFP cells. The problem is that it requires cobalt, nickel.

2022-05-19 Fluorine-based Desalination Membrane

Researchers say it’s more efficient than the standard reverse osmosis desal system. Fast, efficient fluorine-based desalination membrane to purify saltwater

2022-05-06 Methane Is Much Worse Than CO2

The world has a much more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2 – it’s methane, also known as natural gas. And huge amounts are locked up in the environment, and may be released by global warming. Biofuelspk said, “… natural gas which is 84 times worse for climate change compared to CO2.” I’ve read the numbers

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2022-03-27 Discovery: Overcoming Battery Performance Decline

Discovery. Shear stress, mini earthquakes, etc.

2022-02-20 “Holy Grail Of Batteries?” Lithium-Sulfur

There seems to be a lot of research and development to go before they can have a producible battery.

2022-02-16 Solar Desalinator

This low-cost solar desalinator does not have salt build-up. Gives a link to downloadable .PDF research paper.

2021-12-14 PFAs In Everything!

The nasty PFA chemicals have gotten into everything. They’re believed to be carcinogens.

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2021-10-04 H Quest Develops Hydrogen Pyrolyzer *Without CO2*

This makes hydrogen from methane using electricity, but without CO2. It uses microwaves at 2.45 GHz. from a magnetron.

2021-09-30 Convert CO2 Into Starch

This is the kind of discovery that seriously needs to be researched and developed. This could free up huge amounts of farmland that could be used for other purposes such as reforestation. The CO2 would be prevented from going into the atmosphere and contributing to the greenhouse gases. Starch could be used in place of

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2021-08-09 Breakthrough In Battery Technology

He talks about developing batteries taking a long time – years – because it’s like cooking: you put things together and then taste it, to see how it works. They have automated some of the procedures, but it’s still time consuming to do all the lab work to find the right chemistry. That is apparently

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