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2024-04-15 First Trump Criminal Trial: What To Expect

A comprehensive summary from PBS News hour.

2024-02-18 Myth: What Goes Up Must Come Down

Dr. Tyson tells us:  The escape velocity of Earth is 7 miles per second.  One minute YouTube short.

2024-02-01 Trump Truth-O-Meter 1000 Fact Checks: 76% Mostly False Or Worse

Quotes: “”American fact-checkers have never encountered a politician who shares Trump’s disregard for factual accuracy.”” “” “It’s been an astounding eight years in American politics,” said Jennifer Mercieca, a Texas A&M University communication professor and a historian of American political rhetoric. “He’s built his entire political identity on the fact that he doesn’t owe anyone

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2024-01-30 Trump’s Fake Rally

Typical Trump BS. YouTube short.

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2024-01-26 Convicts Navarro, Bannon Get To Stay Out Of Prison While Appealing; Trump *Will Be* Convicted

The Legal Breakdown with BTC and Glenn Kirschner talks about convicted Peter Navarro And Bannon being allowed to stay out of prison pending appeals. Kirschner states unequivocally that Trump will be convicted.

2024-01-11 Almost 2.5 Million Title 42 Expulsions In Biden Administration

The claim that the President isn’t doing enough to protect our border is bogus. The Biden administration has expelled almost 2.5 million under Title 42.

2024-01-01 Biden Trumps Trump – The Progress Biden Has Made

The truth. Quote : “”Mike Tavenner Compliments to Your Chicago Friendfor this very accurate post. Do you have a problem with the landmark infrastructure bill President Biden created to benefit you? Are you angry that he cut child poverty in half? Maybe you’re upset because he put a cap on the price of prescription drugs

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2023-12-23 Climate Wins For Biden Administration

Starting this climate corps is great news. And a lot of other great news. This is a 4 min. YouTube video.

2023-11-26 Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan Will Put Convicted Former President In Jail

Ben Meiselas plays an interview of former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner by Michael Cohen on the blue Mea Culpa channel. Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan of the federal prosecution of Trump in Washington D.C. for the federal classified information crimes. Kirschner also said he believes Trump will be sentenced to life in prison, and no deal

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2023-10-30 Trump Issues Unhinged Threat Against Biden

The Orange Man seems to have mashed bananas for brains. Just pause and read his BS.

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