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2022-03-15 Hawaii Big Oil Court Case Passes Major Milestone

This important article by a ‘guest contributor’ gives some very good links to information. The court has allowed Hawaii to go ahead to the discovery, where oil companies will have to reveal internal documents regarding fossil fuels causing climate change. Quote: << A growing movement Climate litigation such as the Hawaii case is designed to

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2022-03-05 California Solar Rights Act Protects Homeowners Also SASH

Laws prohibiting HOAs, etc. from restricting homeowners from installing solar equipment. Also other rights such as penalties for HOAs. Also see California Single-family Affordable Solar Housing – SASH Program

2022-02-28 Who Is Behind Qanon?

Who is behind Qanon?

2022-02-23 Economic Inequality: Kroger

A quote dated today about 1:30 PM from… Robert Reich 49 minutes ago << Kroger paid its CEO more than $22 million. The CEO-to-worker pay ratio at the company is 909-to-1. According to an Economic Roundtable survey of more than 10,000 Kroger workers, about 75% are food insecure and 14% have experienced homelessness. This is

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2022-02-17 Conspiracy In Online Wellness Communities

Conspiracy theories run rampant in online personal wellness communities. This PBS Newshour article (9 mins) shows how the Disinformation Dozen are corrupting the minds of the vaccine hesitant. There is hope: one of the women they interviewed was an antivaxxer but changed and got out of the cult. No more Qanon, no more conspiracy theories,

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2022-01-05 AG Garland Addresses Prosecuting Everyone Involved In The Jan 6 Uprising

In the last half of the video Attorney general Garland stated that

2021-09-24 NSA Lawsuit Dismissed: State Secrets

Wikipedia and the ACLU sued after snowden revealed how the NSA spies on telephone conversations. They may appeal.

2021-08-27 Mayor ++ Gets Court To Stop Texas Anti-mask Mandate

The mayor of San Antonio and others have taken Gov. Abbot to court and received a decision that blocks the governor’s anti-mask mandate order. After the mandate went into effect some school districts went ahead and made masks mandatory and the governor threatened to take them to court. That goes against common sense – masks

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2021-08-08 Antivaxxers Are EVIL – Dirty Dozen

My statements from comments to a video of a doctor He’s not harsh enough on condemning antivaxxers. The antivaxxers are making money upon the deaths of innocent people who fall for their lies. The antivaxxers kill many to make money by lying to others that they are trying to save lives. There is a special

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2021-07-07 Trump Sues FB, Twitter For Banning His Accounts

Trump learned to sue and countersue from his crooked, disbarred lawyer, Roy Cohn. Trump is nothing but a crook who tries to have his way by bullying. He has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Quote: << Barrett said Trump was fundamentally misunderstanding the Constitution. “The First Amendment applies to government censorship or

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