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2024-04-15 First Trump Criminal Trial: What To Expect

A comprehensive summary from PBS News hour.

2024-03-21 Lev Parnass Tells Of Trump’s Lies And Conspiracy

Trump conspired with Giuliani and others to come up with dirt on Hunter Biden.

2024-02-19 BTC Scorns Trump – Really Damning!

Brian Tyler Cohen says, “Do you really trust someone who is not legally allowed to operate a business in New York to be able to run the entire country””

2024-02-01 Trump Truth-O-Meter 1000 Fact Checks: 76% Mostly False Or Worse

Quotes: “”American fact-checkers have never encountered a politician who shares Trump’s disregard for factual accuracy.”” “” “It’s been an astounding eight years in American politics,” said Jennifer Mercieca, a Texas A&M University communication professor and a historian of American political rhetoric. “He’s built his entire political identity on the fact that he doesn’t owe anyone

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2024-01-30 Trump’s Fake Rally

Typical Trump BS. YouTube short.

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2024-01-28 BTC: Trump Is Human Grenade With No Pin!

Brian Tyler Cohen (‘No Lie’ YouTube channel) calls Donald Trump a human grenade with no pin and is amazed because he didn’t “lash out like a raving lunatic” at E. Jean Carroll after the $83 million judgment against him after her defamation trial. BTC also said the judge and jury “didn’t care about Trump’s rantings

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2024-01-01 Biden Trumps Trump – The Progress Biden Has Made

The truth. Quote : “”Mike Tavenner Compliments to Your Chicago Friendfor this very accurate post. Do you have a problem with the landmark infrastructure bill President Biden created to benefit you? Are you angry that he cut child poverty in half? Maybe you’re upset because he put a cap on the price of prescription drugs

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2023-12-22 Trump And His MAGA Cult Are Posting Death Threats – Colorado Justices

The Cult of Trump MAGAs are posting death threats against the Colorado Supreme Court justices for disqualifying Trump from being on the Colorado ballot. And Trump’s cult MAGA followers are doxxing the Colorado Supreme Court justices and their families! They are going as close as they can to making outright death treats. 15 min. YouTube

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2023-12-04 Trump Embezzled From His Charitable Foundation

Some have received up to 10 years sentence for embezzling from their charitable funds. A short Jon Stewart video.

2023-11-26 Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan Will Put Convicted Former President In Jail

Ben Meiselas plays an interview of former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner by Michael Cohen on the blue Mea Culpa channel. Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan of the federal prosecution of Trump in Washington D.C. for the federal classified information crimes. Kirschner also said he believes Trump will be sentenced to life in prison, and no deal

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