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The Chinese are making PV panels in the 4 asian countries to bypass tariffs and ‘cheat’ the US. Where does the tariff money go to? I don’t know. But it should go to the domestic PV panel makers that are complaining they can’t compete. The money would compensate so that they can compete against the

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2022-02-11 Learn Chinese pts. 1, 2, 3

This is elementary.

2022-01-08 Should American Schools Teach Arabic Numerals?

The question is, “Should American schools teach Arabic numerals as part of their curriculum?” The answers show how little people know about what they’re forming their opinions on. Our system of the numbers 0 thru 9 is called Arabic Numerals.

2022-01-02 Dunning-Kruger Theory

I would have to disagree with the meme. Many of our elected officials are no more educated than the village idiots, and they think they are better informed and can make decisions better than the college graduates. And these decisions are made without the knowledge or wisdom of better informed people. This is the basis

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2021-12-12 60 Minutes: Afghanistan & Taliban

After the Taliban took over, the international humanitarian aid dried up. At the end “So you want to make 38 million people suffer for a few thousand [Taliban]? That math doesn’t work for me.”

2021-08-21 Salem Witch Trial Game In Classroom

My friend told me about a powerful lesson in her daughter’s high school class this winter. They’re learning about the Salem Witch Trials, and their teacher told them they were going to play a game. “I’m going to come around and whisper to each of you whether you’re a witch or a regular person. Your

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2021-07-28 New Johnson Campus Center Reopening

2021-07-27 — I went to Santa Ana College this afternoon to the Grand Reopening of the new Johnson Student Center. Beautiful 63,600 sq. ft. building, cost $60 million. I started working at SAC when they were building the original Johnson Center which then opened in 1981. So from ’81 to 2015(? A year or so

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2021-07-20 Why Do So Many Require A College Degree?

This is from an opinion article in the Washington Post. I don’t even have to read the article to give an answer that refutes this claim. It’s simply because employers add “or equivalent” to the requirement. Or it might say “or # years experience in..” and give the title of the job, such as accountant.

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