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2024-05-28 US Offshore Wind: Is It Dead In The Water?

The US has a huge amount of land with a very good supply of wind, and this has been developed with a large amount of WTs – wind turbines.  Iowa has a lot of WTs, but Texas is the WT leader by far, with over 30 Gigawatts of installed WTs.  Installing WTs is relatively easy

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2024-04-31  S. C.’s  V. C. Summer Nukegate Scandal

Cost overruns from $9 Billion to $25 Billion, most of which customers will have to pay with higher bills.  Construction delays of many years costing Billions of dollars.  Executives convicted and served terms in federal prison.  Incompetent nuclear engineering and Westinghouse bankruptcy.  And the whole project was abandoned.

2024-04-28 US Plan To Upgrade 100k Miles Of Transmission Lines In 5 Years

Short article about deployment of enhancements such as high performance conductors.  Quote: “”…and up to $331 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for a new 285-mile transmission line that will carry more than 2 gigawatts (GW) of transmission capacity from Idaho to Nevada.”” The US just came up with a plan to upgrade 100k miles

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2024-03-25 Ohio Solar Farm Largest US Agrivoltaics Project

Very short article.  Ohio’s largest solar farm will be the largest US agrivoltaics project.  The Oak Run Solar Project is 800 MW, with 300 MW battery storage. Ohio’s largest solar farm will also be the US’s largest agrivoltaics project

2024-03-23 Pennsylvania To Build Its Largest Solar Farm To Replace Coal Power Plant

Great!  One less coal plant.  There are more than 100 more coal plants that need to be shut down ASAP. Pennsylvania’s largest solar farm will replace its largest coal plant

2024-03-01 Innovative Dome Shaped Homes In S. Dakota

Dome shaped homes use cellular concrete 20% with 80% air, which makes it a good insulator.  In the Pine Ridge Reservation in S. Dakota.  They founded “In Our Hands” non-profit.  Short video.

2024-02-06 Offshore Wind – Most Residents Support wind Farm Construction

This poll was released today. It’s not necessarily impartial. I love to hear that 68% of US coastal residents support offshore wind farm construction. But there are NIMBYs that don’t want the turbines for a number of reasons, most of them unjustified. 68% of US coastal residents support offshore wind farms – here’s why

2024-01-22 Largest US Solar-Storage Project Goes Online

It’s 875 MW solar and 3 GWh of energy storage. The 4600 acre site with nearly 2 million solar panels is not far from Edwards AFB, California. Largest US solar-storage project goes online

2023-12-29 Dispatchable Renewables: 540 MW PV Plus Storage In S. Africa

Quote: “”Dispatchable Renewables are the future.”” Scatec’s 540MW PV + 1,140MWh Battery Storage Project In South Africa Begins Supplying Electricity To National Grid

2023-12-11 Hydrogen Electrolyzers Made In China Are Having Major Problems

The hydrogen electrolyzers are having problems when run at less than 50% capacity, and have to be shut down. The makers claim that they would run at 30% capacity. At lower capacities the hydrogen leaked into the oxygen can exceed 1.8%, causing explosions. Also the Chinese are building a very long H2 pipeline. Quote “”…the

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