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2021-09-05 Welding Rebar Ends

In this 1 minute short video the worker butt splices the ends of two rebars with a jig that holds the two ends squarely together. He puts a cup around the joint and fills the cup with some kind of flux. He then connects the welding electrode and adjusts the jig so the ends make

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2021-07-14 GigaFactory Texas Plans

This may have been from a document in County records.

2021-07-09 Tesla Partners In New Housing Project

The homes will have rooftop solar plus Powerwalls.


2021-06-15 Future Hydrogen in Europe and Australia

The rest of the world is planning on building hydrogen generation infrastructure for replacing fossil fuels. This is an interesting article about plans in Europe and Australia.

2021-05-21 GF Texas, Hundreds Of Model Y Castings

FB group TSLA Shareholders I see xxx is hurting the stock price. Or yyy is going to help the stock price. The stock price is going to go anywhere or nowhere depending on the whims of investors. We as individuals don’t collectively have the money to make much difference in the long run. So just

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2021-04-05 Cut CO2 – Replace Concrete With LC3

She says LC3 can be made like cement but with 40% less CO2. Pilot plants are already operating, and make a material comparable to concrete. Quote: << Look around your home. Refrigeration— along with other heating and cooling— makes up about 6% of total emissions. Agriculture, which produces our food, accounts for 18%. Electricity is

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