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2023-09-02 Green Hydrogen Plans For Mediterranean

There apparently are millions of armchair experts who badmouth about all the dangers and impossibilities of making, storing and transporting hydrogen. They all say that H2 leaks like water through a sieve and that hydrogen causes containers to become brittle, as fragile as a clay pot. They are being ignored by the engineers who have

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2023-08-20 Demolition By Deconstruction

I thought about this a few years ago, as a way to recycle building materials. But I decided it was far too labor intensive than just imploding it with high explosives. Turned out they’re doing it now. 🤷🤷

2023-07-26 Tesla Cybertruck Caught Outside Gigafactory Texas

Thanks, Joe! Joe Tegtmeyer’s 26 July 2023 Construction Update Video, at time 29:52, caught a newly manufactured Cybertruck outside Gigafactory Texas. The “machine that makes the machines” is now making Cybertrucks, and we can expect to see many more of them as they ramp up production and Cybertrucks come off the line. Those with reservations

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2023-07-10 Tesla Gigafactory Mexico Set For Construction

Th governor of Nuevo León says the permits are done. The new generation of low cost Tesla EVs will be made here. I wonder how many Tesla EVs are currently being sold in Mexico and other countries south of the border. I suspect not very many. They’re a lot more expensive than other cars there.

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2023-06-20 Bureaucracy – California vs. Texas

I agree that there is a lot of bureaucracy in California. But it’s there for a reason – many reasons. I think Texas will eventually be the same way when their population continues to grow.

2022-06-05 9000T Gigapress Is For CT Unibody

This is a new theory. Elon Musk said the 9000 ton IDRA Gigapress is for the Cybertruck body, in other words the structural frame underneath the exterior stainless steel panels. Before it was thought that the 8000 ton Gigapress would be for the Cybertruck’s “skateboard” – front, rear and structural battery pack. The 9000 ton

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2022-03-12 Largest Electrolyzer Plant Under Construction

World’s largest electrolyzer plant is under construction in Queensland, Australia. It will be a huge green energy manufacturing center: solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, etc. Eventually use 200 GW – yes, GW! Export green hydrogen made by electrolyzers from Plug Power.

2021-11-28 Battery Plant Construction At Giga Texas

From reply on FB group TSLA… Lee Davies The building where the cathode materials will be made is nothing but a field with the steel beams in piles waiting to be built into the cathode plant. It will take a year to build it and get it up and running. The building behind Joe is

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2021-09-05 Welding Rebar Ends

In this 1 minute short video the worker butt splices the ends of two rebars with a jig that holds the two ends squarely together. He puts a cup around the joint and fills the cup with some kind of flux. He then connects the welding electrode and adjusts the jig so the ends make

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2021-07-14 GigaFactory Texas Plans

This may have been from a document in County records.

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