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2021-09-20 Chip Shortage And Auto Makers

Rob Maurer’s Tesla Daily episode About car makers in general, Rob said, “These companies want things to stay the same. They want to take the path of least resistance, and that is continuity. … Those results are visible now as these companies work through the chip shortage.” Tesla is faced with the same logistics

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This article is about whether or not to divest from fossil fuel companies. It talks about Harvard divesting and about CalPERS deciding to do otherwise.

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2021-08-07 Autonomous Ride Hailing – Tesla And Others

Jeffrey Levine Said, “there is 0 chance they will get 30% of the market. At 10% they would be most successful with their margins.” Tesla has stated that their business is not to prevent other car makers from competing; they want to get rid of ICEVs. But Tesla is so far ahead of the others

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2021-08-06 Will GM Go Bankrupt Transitioning To EVs?

Comment on Tesla Economist Q: “Will GM go bankrupt transitioning to EVs?” I would like to think that since GM has already been in the EV biz more than a decade, they above all others would have the most experience with such esoterica as all the intricacies of making the battery as cost efficient as

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2021-08-06 Myth: EVs Pollute More Than ICEVs

Some fearmongers claim that the EVs don’t pollute but the electricity they use pollutes more than a gasoline car. This video debunks that false claim. The video doesn’t mention that there are thousands of empty, depleted oil wells that emit methane, another greenhouse gas.


2021-08-03 Lithium Mining – It’s All About The Cost

From FB post Justin Schmidt Said, “… So I don’t think you have all of your research or facts straight before you posted which is typical for you.” I’ve read a lot about the research and facts I’ve posted about. I welcome any positive criticism, and I’m always willing to stand and be corrected if

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2021-07-08 FTC Stops Broadcomm’s Monopolism

Federal Trade Commission said Broadcomm bullied its customers into exclusive contracts in order to buy Broadcomm chips.

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2021-06-21 Australia Supplying Lithium And Nickel

Said, “Each EV has about 5000 dollars (Au?) In it.” Well, the battery pack is about a hundred dollars US per kWh or about $7500.00 per vehicle. It’s hard to believe that the raw material costs make up well over half of the cost of an EV battery pack. Then he said Denholm noted that

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2021-06-03 ‘Black Wednesday’ For Big Oil

Up until lately, Big Oil has been paying token lip service to climate change; it has been business as usual with little action taken. But now shareholders are taking action with their votes against Big Oil’s complacency and greenwashing. But the court ruling against Shell is really the most damning. Shell must make its actions

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2021-05-30 Solar, Wind + Batteries Disrupting FCAS ‘Base Load’ Services

This YouTube video by Tony Seba is stating that utility scale batteries of 2% disrupt 90% of fossil fuel peaker plants. This video has a lot of graphs showing the trends. The amount of utility scale batteries needed to replace much of the peaker plants is just a small percentage. 200 mile range EVs

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