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2024-04-18 Wind Power Was Record Growth in 2023

Quote: “”The global wind industry installed 117 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity in 2023, making it the best year ever for new wind energy – here’s what happened and where.”” 2023 was a record year for wind power growth – in numbers

2024-04-05 Musk Debunks Rumor That Model 2 Scrapped, Replaced By Robotaxi

Another false rumor spread by Reuters has been shut down by Elon. Also, Electrek stated: “”Tesla is currently building its new production systems for the next-generation at its Gigafactory Texas facility in Austin.”” Elon Musk shuts down report that Tesla is scrapping its ‘$25,000 Model 2’ electric car

2024-03-18 HVDC Is The New Pipeline Says Michael Barnard

Very informative article about several things involving fossil fuels.

2024-03-18 Creating Money – Capitalism – Stocks

Rockefeller, Anaconda Copper Co., Amalgamated Copper.  All a matter of paper wealth?

2024-03-12 Oil & Car Industries Fought To Block EVs And Renewable Energy For 60 Years

Oil & Car Industries fought to block EVs and Renewable Energy for 60 years.  This is a very informative 11.6 min. YouTube video from the Electric Viking.

2024-01-30 Trump’s Fake Rally

Typical Trump BS. YouTube short.

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2024-01-24 Tesla’s Next Generation EV Coming In 2025

Suppliers are letting little secrets leak out. I think there will be a lot more low cost Tesla EVs reserved than the 2 million Cybertrucks. Tesla next-gen electric cars are coming in 2025, supplier sources say Elon Musk said late 2025 at the shareholder meeting today, Jan 24. Elon Musk: Tesla aims for next-gen EV

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2023-12-27 Nuclear 3 To 5X More Expensive Than Renewables Plus Storage

Sam the Electric Viking’s 12.5 min. YouTube video explains SMR and other nuclear power have had massive cost overruns. The costs of solar and wind are still falling. The cost of solar or wind is about doubled when battery storage is added. But it is still 3 to 5 times less than the costs of

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2023-11-14 Amsec, Gary Lorenz, John Darjany – history of campus card

I finally found a bit of history about Gary Lorenz. He and I were high school friends. In 1972 he and John Darjany founded a company, Amsec, to make a “campus card system” for California Polytechnic University, Pomona. In 1974, Amsec was purchased by R.D. Products. A brief history of the campus card industry This

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Canoo’s New American Bulldog Electric Pickup

Canoo may not make it – the company is financially troubled. Check out Canoo’s rugged new ‘American Bulldog’ electric pickup truck

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