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2021-10-01 Climageddon – Greenwashing by Corporations

The problem with the corporations and businesses is they are not taking the climate change urgency seriously. The world cannot continue on with ‘business as usual’! There should be a declaration of war on climate change. Greta is right: the powers that be do not care about the future of the world; all they are

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2021-05-14 Used 250W Solar Panels For $50.00

This was from Will Prowse’s YouTube channel. I would like to get some of these to run an air conditioner. SanTan Solar T Series 250W

2021-04-14 Working A Retail Job

I’ve been hearing about all the problems that people I’ve known have had when working in the retail / commercial industry. This has been especially difficult this past year due to the pandemic. So many jobs lost and so much upheaval and uncertainty. My ex-coworker told me about the experiences he had when working for

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