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2022-04-05 WHO: 99% Of World Breathes Polluted Air

The WHO says 99% of the global population breathes poor quality air. 7 million people die of preventable diseases caused by air pollution. This has always been a problem in the Los Angeles metro area and Southern California, which still has smog.

2022-03-31 NHTSA Reinstates Fines – Fleet MPG Fuel Efficiency Requirements

This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Tesla. NHTSA is reinstating the full amount of the fines that vehicle manufacturers have to pay if their fleet doesn’t meet the required miles per gallon for fuel efficiency. The Trump administration filled the government with their anti-environmental, pro-pollution cronies who “filled the swamp” by cutting

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2022-03-30 More EVs Mean Better Health – Lung Assoc.

The American Lung Association claims switching to EVs will save thousands of lives and $72 billion in healthcare costs. Quote: << The report clearly states, “Air Pollution and Climate Change Threaten Public Health.” The ALA points out that too many Americans are breathing in air that could harm our health. Its State of The Air

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2022-03-24 MYTH: EVs Make More Tire, Brake Pollution Than ICEVs

Another big F U D lie: EVs cause more particulate pollution from brakes and tires. Quote: << Dr. McTurk not only addressed the claims made by the UK Environment Secretary but debunked them in his report. The report discussed brake particulate matter, noting that although all vehicles produce particulate matter dust in the process

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