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2022-03-15 Calif Solar Is A Battery Market

California’s Solar market is a battery market. Interesting article. It says that battery storage is to be used as long term storage.

2022-01-03 Periscopes Replaced By Video Cameras

I’m sitting on the grass in the back yard and it’s chilly, but the sunlight feels really good on my back. I can hear some birds up in the trees, I’m waiting to see if they’ll come down and eat some birdseed. I started thinking about a way to watch them up there. What I

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2020-11-17 Tesla Batteries And Supply Constraints

The manufacturing of Electric Vehicles and grid scale storage are constrained by the amounts of batteries that can be supplied by the battery makers around the world. The early Tesla EVs used the ubiquitous 18650 lithium ion cells, something like 6000 per vehicle. In order to reduce costs and weight Tesla went to the larger

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2020-10-07 Tesla Plans On Mass Production Of Li-Ion Cells

@prerunn Said, “… battery cell production isn’t large enough…” The li-Ion cell production is being scaled up to be mass produced in the gigafactories that Tesla is building right now. The cell production lines are being optimized for maximum production at minimum costs. All of the cells Tesla makes will be used in their products

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2015-11-28 Recharging From Used Alkalines

I have often seen schematics of Joule Thief chargers for use in charging Ni-MH rechargeables from used alkaline cells. The idea is to boost the voltage of the used alkaline cell up to high enough to get current the flow into the Ni-MH cell. One setback is that conventional JTs are only 50% efficient, so

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2015-02-06 Ravpower Power Bank Charger

I ordered five of the Ravpower RP-PB08 portable chargers and after I got them and showed them to my friends, they suddenly remarked that they needed one of them.  So my five have suddenly dwindled to just a few left and those may disappear, too. These are rated at 3200 mAh.  That’s just a bit

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2014-12-09 Power Bank Recharges USB Devices

I have been working on my own “Power Bank” for recharging my cell phone.  I went to the NOCCC Computer Club meeting last Sunday and to the Mobile Computing meeting.  Ben, who started this meeting, decided that he wanted to buy some ‘power bank’ USB chargers for himself, family and friends.  He could’ve got then

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2014-10-07 Fast Charging From Car’s 12V Socket

Earlier this year I bought a cheap cell phone charger for plugging into the car’s cigarette lighter socket.  It works, but it’s s-l-o-w.  I can drive for a half hour with the cell phone plugged in and it says it’s charging but it only charges a few percent.  As a result, I don’t use the

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2013-12-09 Triple Win With New TV

I won three ways on  cyber Monday when I went to Costco and bought a new 39 inch Samsung TV.  It’s a lot lighter than the old 32 inch I have. First, I already have a 32 inch Samsung, so it’s much the same as this TV.The remote buttons are not the same, but similar.

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