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2023-01-17 Batteries Better Than Lithium Batteries /these-rechargeable-batteries-are-more -sustainable-and-safer-than-lithium-and-half-the-cost Since lithium-ion batteries were first sold 30 years ago, they’ve dropped in cost by 97%. But they’re still too expensive for making electric cars that can compete in cost with fossil-fueled cars without subsidies, or to economically store wind and solar power on the grid. That’s why one Boston-area startup is developing

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2022-07-02 Enough EV Batteries For All EVs By 2035?

The EU is going to prohibit new gas cars by 2035. But they question whether there will be enough batteries for EVs in 2035. They mentioned Lithium iron phosphate and sodium ion batteries. But they failed to state the obvious! The law doesn’t say everyone must buy a battery EV. They failed to even mention

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2022-05-10 “Batteries Are An Environmental Catastrophe”

Cory Little Said, “.. batteries are an ongoing expense and an environmental catastrophe.” Batteries are heavy, and the cost is a large part of the vehicle. The battery tech is advancing, and the LFP batteries are capable of more than 3000 charge discharge cycles. 300 or more miles per charge times 3000 charges is a

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2022-04-28 Ginormous 20 GW Solar + Storage Project in NT, Australia

Sun Cable plans to build 17 to 20 gigawatt plus battery storage in Australia to power Singapore through undersea cable. $30 billion (Aus). To show how Ginormous this project is, divide 20 billion watts by 1000 watts, then multiply by 2.5 (400 watts per panel). So 20 million times 2.5 is FIFTY MILLION solar panels!!

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2022-04-25 Statevolt To Build Battery Plant In So Calif.

Nice, but it will take a few years. It will extract lithium from the brine of the geothermal plant at the Salton Sea.

2022-04-01 LFP Batteries Almost As Good As NMC

Article gives Wh/kg for new LFP and cobalt free batteries. The recent excessive high price of nickel is causing the industry to reduce or avoid it. Also eliminating cobalt. The future batteries may become dependent on phosphate, of which 70% of the world supply is in Morocco.

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2022-03-26 Musk: Nickel Manganese Batteries

She said the one very important point at the end: << Estimates show that the world is going to need 300 terawatt-hours of battery cell production in order to transition fully to a sustainable future. That is an obscene figure. >> This is a obscenely huge amount of battery cells. This is why the world

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2022-03-24 LFP To Dominate 3TWh Battery Storage By 2030

2022-03-20 Tesla Trying To Meet Battery Production Goals

Tesla is trying to meet goals for battery production. This article gets into the technical details of the wet and dry battery production, like NMP.

2022-03-07 Battery Gives 750+ Miles Very Long Range The changes in chemical engineering are not coming fast enough. The difficulties are balancing tradeoffs in multiple factors. There is the battery’s Wh per kg. Then there’s the charge/discharge cycles. There are the toxicity, safety and fire hazards of the chemicals. And then there is the ability to develop a method of mass production.

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