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2024-05-28 Many More EV Batteries – Solution To Grid Storage

Article about recycling EV batteries versus using EV batteries for stationary storage.  At this time, recycling is not very efficient. Quote: ““Today we are not very good at recovering metals, loosing almost all the lithium, silicon, phosphorus, aluminum, and graphite, while recovering only copper, cobalt, and nickel which are more expensive,” he says.”” This suggests

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2024-05-12 Giant Batteries Are Transforming the Way the U.S. Uses Electricity

This link to the article is supposed to be free, and *not* behind a paywall.  This well-researched article is a good article, with some statements that are disputable.  One example is that they state that lithium batteries are flammable.  The LFP cells now used in battery storage systems are low to not flammable.  There are

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2024-05-11 New Capacitor With 19 Times Power Density Could Help EV Batteries Last Longer

It looks like this supercapacitor could quickly charge and discharge, thus reducing the cycles on the EV battery.

2024-04-14 Green Li-Ion Recycled Battery Plant In Oklahoma

North America just got a new recycled Li-ion battery materials plant

2024-03-17 Top Three Battery Chemistries Coming To EVs

This article gives good explanations of how batteries are made and what advantages and disadvantages they have. The top three battery chemistries coming soon to EVs – and none of them are solid-state

2024-03-13 How Lithium Batteries Are Recycled

A YouTube short of how lithium batteries are recycled.

2024-03-10 Battery Prices Fall 50% And More

By this 2024 summer even lower battery prices. Battery prices collapsing, grid-tied energy storage expanding

2024-03-04 EV Battery Prices To Fall 40% By 2025

The graph shows the battery prices fell substantially since last year.  “”So EVs will be cheaper than ICEVs in 2025…””

2024-03-01 CATL, BYD To Slash Battery Prices by 50% in 2024

The battery is the most expensive piece of an EV, so lower costs will reduce the COGS – cost of goods sold, thus the consumer will be able to get an EV for even less.  This makes the EVs more competitive with gas guzzlers.  It will also make the $25,000 EV easier to build. CATL,

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2024-02-04 Top 5 EV Myths Reviewed By Rosie Barnes

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