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2024-05-11 New Capacitor With 19 Times Power Density Could Help EV Batteries Last Longer

It looks like this supercapacitor could quickly charge and discharge, thus reducing the cycles on the EV battery.

2023-06-16 Aluminum-ion and Aluminum-sulfur Batteries

This Cleantechnica article about research and development advancements on batteries using aluminum-ion and aluminum-sulfur chemistries. German Universities; Lyten company announcing opening a pilot battery factory for lithium-sulfur cells. Quote: “”Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust and its recycling is easy. Its high volumetric capacity of 8040 mA-h/cm−3 as a negative electrode

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2023-01-17 Batteries Better Than Lithium Batteries /these-rechargeable-batteries-are-more -sustainable-and-safer-than-lithium-and-half-the-cost Since lithium-ion batteries were first sold 30 years ago, they’ve dropped in cost by 97%. But they’re still too expensive for making electric cars that can compete in cost with fossil-fueled cars without subsidies, or to economically store wind and solar power on the grid. That’s why one Boston-area startup is developing

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2022-05-17 Zinc Alkaline Rechargeable Battery

This is an interesting new old battery chemistry, developed to be rechargeable. And now the company is selling a storage system to a customer.

2021-08-17 Laser Hydride Film Stores Hydrogen

This company called Plasma Kinetics has developed a thin film that can store hydrogen at the same volume as a 5000 PSI cylinder but lighter, and lighter than batteries. The medium can be very thin film or disks. The hydrogen is released by shining a laser onto the film. Because the hydrogen does not have

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2021-07-04 UEP’s BESS Lowers Costs $50/kWh

This is very interesting. A BESS that takes up less room than a lead-acid battery, can hold more kWh’s and is cheaper. They have a demo 2 MWh system in racks indoors.

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2021-05-07 Relithiation To Make Old Batteries Like New

If the old cells were made easier to take apart and reassemble it would be helpful. I think that someday the battery makers may do what Eagle Picher did for batteries on spacecraft. There is a container of electrolyte inside the battery. To activate the battery a small charge blows the electrolyte out of the

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2021-04-03 Sand Battery To Store Heat

This is a novel idea. Heat up sand during the daytime with solar energy. After sunset circulate the hot sand through a steam generator to run a turbine and generator. Short 2 min video.

2021-03-26 Breakthrough Liquid Metal Battery – Sadoway & AMBRI

A tutorial about Ambri’s liquid metal batteries “If you want your battery to be dirt cheap, make it out of dirt!” – Donald Sadoway LMBs are different. Sadoway says that the designers of Lithium-ion Batteries have to guard against thermal rise; The designers of liquid metal batteries have to guard against thermal fall.

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2021-02-28 3 kW Solar + LiFe Battery For Under $3000

This is the kind of setup I would like to have. I would use it to run my heat pump / air conditioner and maybe a few other things like the microwave oven. And it would be used for charging my EV when it’s at home. The two solar PV panels are 800 watts total.

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