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2019-11-16 Fixing a Driver Transformer With An Open Primary

Also FB group Building Transistor Radios 2019-11-16 I was working on a Realtone 10 transistor AM radio that had a driver transformer with an open primary. I slit open the wrap and found the tiny fine wire on the right was loose so I soldered it to the heavy wire. But it was still open.

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2019-06-14 300 And 500 Telephone Set Networks

From FB group Bell Telephone … June 17 Dan Bottoms I’ve opened up the network of a 500 set, and got my hands full of that bazillion centistokes (like tar!!) clear silicone snot that is inside. I think it finally ran off after leaving it out in the hot sun for a week. I knew

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2019-04-08 Output Transformers Construction

from FB group Regenerative Receiver… Apr 8 庄议翔 The power transformers have the laminations interleaved. The first lamination has an E then I, the next one has I then E. So the transformer core does not have any air gaps, because it does not have any DC flowing through the windings. The transformers for single

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2019-01-05 Substituting Chokes For A Coil In A Reflex Circuit

From FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-01-15 Nick wants to use two 10 mH chokes close to each other in place of a coil that’s used in the typical reflex circuit. I’ll include a schematic of the circuit (from somewhere on the net). This is labeled L2. (begin my comment) Nick Bastian The coupling is

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2018-05-06 Telephone Hybrid Coil Schematics

This is a link to telecomm information on Tomi Engdahl’s

2017-06-25 Mini Audio Transformer From Goldmine Electronics 

I bought several of these miniature audio transformers  from Electronic Goldmine.  They are encapsulated so I can’t see anything, windings, core or materials.  There are 5 pins, 2 on one side and 3 on the other, but the center pin measured open, so it’s apparently there to make sure the transformer is inserted the right way. The

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