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2022-04-05 Republicans Vote Against Reducing The Price Of Insulin

There were 195 Republicans who voted against the reduction of insulin prices for those who are insured. Over 200 Republicans voted against the decriminalization of marijuana even though most citizens want pot to be decriminalized. Brian Tyler Cohen’s No Lie video

2022-04-04 Koch Should Testify Re: Climate Disinformation Campaign

It’s time for Charles Koch to testify about his climate change disinformation campaign. The statistics this article reveals about Koch industries are alarming and disheartening. Quote << Since the death of Charles Koch’s brother David in 2019, the Charles Koch Foundation has continued to finance this disinformation campaign, giving more than $17 million to 23

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2022-04-01 Manchin’s Coal Conflict Dangerous For Planet

The Earth is being threatened by Joe Manchin’s conflict of interest.

2022-03-26 Legislation Intro’d Renewables ‘Superhighway’

This CHARGE act legislation is to build a renewable energy ‘superhighway’. According to this, the existing electric infrastructure is old and antiquated and needs to be upgraded. It seems that if the existing system is working adequately then it’s not that bad. The renewables could be connected to the existing generators at their locations and

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2022-03-24 Republicans Turn SCOTUS Hearing Into Circus

Republicans turn Ketanji Brown Jackson Senate confirmation hearings into a circus. This was shameful.

2022-01-25 Republicans Use Two Santa Clauses SCAM

This is an interesting theory.

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2021-09-17 Anthony Gonzalez (R) Not Running For Reelection

This is a prime example of what’s wrong with America. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez decided to uphold the Constitution and vote his conscience and was one of the ten Republicans who voted to Impeach Trump for instigating the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. Now Trump and the others in his party have turned against Gonzalez

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2021-08-19 Congressmen Who Objected To Electoral Votes

This is the list of congressmen who objected to the electoral vote count. Six senators and the rest representatives, all Republican. <<Trump’s Big Lie is a direct challenge to American Democracy. >> – Robert Reich

2021-08-12 Green, Paul Suspended For False COVID

Sen Rand Paul and Marjorie Taylor Green were dinged by social media for spreading false COVID-19 vaccination information. << University of Minnesota Medical School’s Dr. Mark Schleiss told PolitiFact Greene and Paul were “promoting dangerous behaviors that will cost lives.” “These comments reflect a complete lack of perspective and understanding of simple scientific and medical

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2021-07-25 Pelosi Asks Kinzinger To Join Jan 6 Investigation

Republican Adam Kinzinger joins Republican Liz Cheney on the House Select Committee on Jan 6th. Both He and Cheney are among the very few Republicans who are responsible and forward thinking members of the Republican Party and willing to forgo the dogma of the GOP in order to follow their conscience and join the Select

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