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2021-07-10 SMES Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage

Bill Sherman told me about SMES which has already been put into use commercially. One of the concerns is how much energy is wasted to keep the magnets cryogenically cold. Another cost concern is the superconducting coil has to be made of a material that contains very expensive rare metals.

2020-07-12 The Safire Project

I happened to find this website for a nuclear fusion research project that makes claims about getting more energy output than it puts in. They talk about an artificial sun on earth. I have read about some amateur experimenters making a cold fusion system on a small laboratory scale, and this Safire Project seems to

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2016-09-05 Ferrite Cores At Radio Frequencies

I have always thought that using ferrite toroid cores for radio projects at HFs and above was not necessary, because all of the RF circuit parts lists call for low permeability powdered iron cores. I’ve never given it much thought; about the only thing that crossed my mind was that the powdered iron cores may

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2015-03-30 Crazy Geiger Counter

A relative was more than a little bit concerned, and sent me this link. Dangerouse 32,000 mcR/h Radiation Reading by My New Geiger Counter from …: These are false readings.  The Geiger counter is receiving electromagnetic interference from the light and falsely interpreting it as counts per minute.  There is actually very little radiation

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2014-06-19 How To Make A Toroid Core

A long time ago, probably 200 years, the scientists experimented with electromagnets by winding copper wire onto a bar or rod of steel. Most anyone that is taking a physics class has been introduced to this electromagnet. This works ok for a battery or direct current but when the current is alternating the solid steel

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2014-03-20 How To Make A “Monopole” Magnet

One of Xee2vids videos is how to make a monopole magnet.  It shows 2 south poles of the magnets and the magnetic lines converge inwards.  I remember seeing this in textbooks and it’s shown that magnetic lines of force from two like poles diverge away from each other.  That’s the opposite of how it’s shown

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2013-10-30 Mechanical Joule Thief

What would you say if I told you that I could make a Joule Thief without a transistor or other electronic parts, just a single mechanical part? Would you believe me? I have seem this method used many times in old radios and old equipment made before transistors were born. It’s not magic! You may

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2013-02-13 Toroid Winding Using The Cheating Method

Quantsuff sent me a link to a short video of a toroid being wound using the cheating method.  The toroid is broken in half, the turns are wound on and the two halves glued back together.  Quite some time ago I participated in a discussion about doing this or a similar method and I’m not

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2012-08-30 Exciter (Mini Tesla Coil)

Last year I experimented with the exciter that I saw on a Youtube video.  It’s a simple circuit, and does some eery things, like light up a nearby CFL without  any connection.  The picture shows the schematic and how simple it is to implement.

2012-08-20 Bedini Motor

Peter sent me a picture of his Bedini motor, with its colorful coil (see the attached picture).  He says it draws 30 milliamps at 9V when running at maximum speed.  There seems to be a large following of this Bedini SSG device, especially among the Free Energy advocates.  It is called Bedini SSG, for Simplified

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