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2023-11-12 Knee High Bench Or Seat I Built

I made it out of an Ikea drawer that someone broke up and threw away. A little over 16″ high. The seat is the front of the drawer, about 9″ wide and 16″ long. Mostly a charcoal color. Took a few hours; I probably spent an hour finding the right pieces and pulling the screws

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2023-11-11 You Don’t Need To Replace EV Battery In 10 Years

Sam the Electric Viking dispells some myths that EV batteries don’t last long. There are so many lies spread by the big oil and fossil fuels industries. The EVs can last for twice as many miles as gas guzzlers. And the EVs can save 1000 to 2000 dollars or more a year in fuel costs.

2023-11-05 Why We Can’t Live Without Lithium

DW Planet A ELEMENTAL video 11.5 mins on YouTube

2023-10-29 SpaceX Building Roberts Road Campus In Florida

This 26.5 min. YouTube video is overwhelming in the amount of activity that Spacex is doing to “Make the machines that make the rockets and launches”.

2023-10-26 6 Of 9 Planetary Boundaries Have Been Breached

This chart shows the 9 Planetary Boundaries and how they have been breached. Some don’t look that alarming but *anything* past the green is bad. The Novel Entities is especially troubling.

2023-09-12 Veolia Recycles Wind Turbine Blades

Veolia grinds up the blades and uses them as fuel to make cement.

2023-08-20 Demolition By Deconstruction

I thought about this a few years ago, as a way to recycle building materials. But I decided it was far too labor intensive than just imploding it with high explosives. Turned out they’re doing it now. 🤷🤷

2023-08-05 Population Collapse V. Climate Change – Musk

Elon Musk says population collapse is a bigger threat than climate change. Is he right? This is a very good article on a number of different aspects of population change. It gives a lot of good statistics. Also makes aware that that the population isn’t as all important as the resource utilization. The Western world,

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2022-05-26 Upcycling Silicon Waste From Solar Panels Into Thermoelectrics

Article about upcycling silicon waste from end-of-life solar panels into thermoelectric cells.

2022-05-05 New Washing Machine Replaces Old

My decade old GE started leaking on the floor after the bearings went out – it howled like a banshee. I went to Lowe’s and bought a new Maytag and the salesdroid wanted me to pay $40 to have the old one hauled away. I said no thanks, I’ll get rid of it. But I

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