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2021-09-24 NSA Lawsuit Dismissed: State Secrets

Wikipedia and the ACLU sued after snowden revealed how the NSA spies on telephone conversations. They may appeal.

2021-07-11 Jan 6th Rioters Were Deceived, Still Suffer

This ‘history’ article makes me feel sad – over 400 people have been charged for being a part of the attempted coup d’etat at the capitol on Jan. 6th. Hundreds of people will spend time in jail and millions of dollars will be spent prosecuting these people. Why? Because then-president Trump and his Trumplican cult

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2021-07-08 FTC Stops Broadcomm’s Monopolism

Federal Trade Commission said Broadcomm bullied its customers into exclusive contracts in order to buy Broadcomm chips.

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2021-07-01 Big Oil Kept Climate Secret For Decades

The petroleum industry knew for decades their products caused climate change, yet they campaigned to cause doubt and uncertainty, delaying the actions until it was too late and the world has been harmed by their lies and inactions.

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2021-06-25 DoJ Taking New Ga. Election Law To Court ***** It’s difficult to understand how these Trumplicans can break federal laws then claim the federal government is taking away their state rights. The Voting Rights Act was put in place to prevent the kinds of abuses that states were doing in the 1960s. This VRA has has broad bipartisan support for many decades

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2021-06-25 Manhattan DA Intends To File Charges Against Trump Org.

The Manhattan District Attorney said it intends to file criminal charges against the Trump Organization in a week or so. This is finally going to happen after all this time – over 2 years. Shame on Trump!

2021-06-11 Trump Civil And Criminal Cases Pending

As of 2021 June 11 there are:


2021-06-07 Aiden Leos’s Murderers caught

A few weeks ago the freeway where I live had a road rage(?) Shooting that killed 6 year-old Aiden Leos while riding in the back seat of his mother’s car. For the last two weeks there has been a memorial to Aiden on the Walnut overpass to the freeway. They set up a website and

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2021-05-03 Pres Election Was Not Stolen — Liz Cheney

Rep. Liz Cheney tweeted 10:27 AM May 3, 2021 “The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.” Cheney is become unpopular among the Republicans. For this statement, she will most likely lose the

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2021-04-21 Trump Admin Stopped Investigations Of Police Dept’s Misconduct

The Trump admin under Atty General Jeff Sessions stopped the Obama admin’s pattern and practice investigations of police departments discriminatory and unconstitutional misconduct. Then senator Kamala Harris brought this up in senate hearings in 2020. Another Trump admin bad deed that “made America worse again”.

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