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2022-06-27 Red States Have Higher Murder Rates

Red States Have Higher Murder Rates BTC Shows Gavin Newsom clip on Truth Social.

2022-06-04 New York Right To Repair Law

This may apply to other states as well. Applies to cell phones and PCs. Does not apply to many other devices.

2022-02-28 Who Is Behind Qanon?

Who is behind Qanon?

2022-02-15 Trump’s Dubious Financial Statements

The Mazars accounting firm is cutting ties with Trump Organization. They say his financial statements are dubious. I have to feel a bit of satisfaction that Trump’s crooked past is catching up with him.

2022-02-12 If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Is

Last year I saw an ad on Facebook for 100 USPS Xmas ‘forever’ postage stamps (normally cost 58 cents each) for $39.90. I needed Xmas stamps and yes, I know that the USPS doesn’t sell stamps at discount, but I wanted to take the risk and see if they were selling counterfeit stamps. So I

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2022-02-12 Climate Investigations Center

This website gives the news about climate change, deniers, climate change lawsuits and more. Quote << For the past four or five decades, the science has become increasingly clear: the predictions have been borne out by the evidence. Scientists predicted that the world would warm, and it has, at the rate that most models

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2021-09-24 NSA Lawsuit Dismissed: State Secrets

Wikipedia and the ACLU sued after snowden revealed how the NSA spies on telephone conversations. They may appeal.

2021-07-11 Jan 6th Rioters Were Deceived, Still Suffer

This ‘history’ article makes me feel sad – over 400 people have been charged for being a part of the attempted coup d’etat at the capitol on Jan. 6th. Hundreds of people will spend time in jail and millions of dollars will be spent prosecuting these people. Why? Because then-president Trump and his Trumplican cult

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2021-07-08 FTC Stops Broadcomm’s Monopolism

Federal Trade Commission said Broadcomm bullied its customers into exclusive contracts in order to buy Broadcomm chips.

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2021-07-01 Big Oil Kept Climate Secret For Decades

The petroleum industry knew for decades their products caused climate change, yet they campaigned to cause doubt and uncertainty, delaying the actions until it was too late and the world has been harmed by their lies and inactions.

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