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2022-03-29 Storage Record Setting End In 2021

Storage set a record setting end in 2021. Aerial photo of BESS at Johanna substation in Santa Ana. Another video stated battery manufacturing will reach a 5-fold growth by 2030.

2021-10-05 Elon’s Battery Con Job Exposed

Many bad accusations made against BESS systems like Tesla’s Megapacks.

2021-07-04 UEP’s BESS Lowers Costs $50/kWh

This is very interesting. A BESS that takes up less room than a lead-acid battery, can hold more kWh’s and is cheaper. They have a demo 2 MWh system in racks indoors.

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2021-06-22 Battery Storage Information Article

This article gives good information about various types of BESS. Mentions FERC order 2222. Flow batteries. Talks about green hydrogen, electrolyzers, fuel cells and round trip efficiency. Other battery uses.

2021-01-19 Battery Storage Disrupts Natural Gas Plants

The Hornsdale Battery Storage has made a big disruption in the market for electricity in South Australia. Since it can supply electricity almost instantaneously it outcompetes the gas turbine generating plants even though it is a much smaller percent of the total electric supply. The South Australia state has a large amount of renewables –

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