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2024-05-28 US Offshore Wind: Is It Dead In The Water?

The US has a huge amount of land with a very good supply of wind, and this has been developed with a large amount of WTs – wind turbines.  Iowa has a lot of WTs, but Texas is the WT leader by far, with over 30 Gigawatts of installed WTs.  Installing WTs is relatively easy

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2024-05-15 Reconductoring Transmission Lines

Good article a few months old.  JHAT recently had this reconductoring topic.  This article also describes the Heimdall Ball temperature monitoring.  One thing that has not been talked about is the use of BESS – battery energy storage systems – to reduce the peak load on the transmission lines.  That’s what they did in Australia

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2024-04-28 US Plan To Upgrade 100k Miles Of Transmission Lines In 5 Years

Short article about deployment of enhancements such as high performance conductors.  Quote: “”…and up to $331 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for a new 285-mile transmission line that will carry more than 2 gigawatts (GW) of transmission capacity from Idaho to Nevada.”” The US just came up with a plan to upgrade 100k miles

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2024-04-14 Drone Recharges From HV AC line

Wow!  It just clips onto the HV cable and recharges while it’s hanging there.  Presumably the drone has an inductive pickup coil that’s up against the conductor that’s carrying hundreds of amps.  I bet Joe Tegtmeyer would like to have one of these!

2024-04-10 IOUs, Going Off Grid

The transmission pylons are a few million dollars a mile, and the undersea cables are even more expensive. And the undersea cables are more difficult to maintain, as is anything in a marine environment. So the cheap SOBs in the utilities typically choose the lower cost towers. As for the US West Coast, rooftop solar

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2024-03-21 EVs Enable The Global Decarbonization With V2G – Another Myth Debunked

Another myth debunked. This Electric Viking YouTube video under 10 minutes. “Quote from video starting at about the 8:06.  “Now, here is what Climate Energy Finance said about this study.  Batteries on wheels – electric vehicles – should be viewed as one of the most important enablers of the full decarbonization of the global energy

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2024-03-20 Claims By House Committee Are Dubious

This is claiming that the grid will be overloaded, but that claim is contradicted by the latest figures that show the grid has use 1% **less** electricity. The following URL claims that the grid will not be able to handle the growing load.  This would be true *if* the grid was the only source of

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2024-03-18 HVDC Is The New Pipeline Says Michael Barnard

Very informative article about several things involving fossil fuels.

2024-02-24 Reconductoring To Increase Grid Capacity

Reconductoring: The Quick Way To Double Grid Capacity

2023-12-03 EIA Webpage On CAISO, Curtailment

The EIA tells about how California’s excess solar energy is being curtailed. The solar should *not* be curtailed if excess capacity is the sole reason. CAISO should be mandated to curtail fossil fuel power plants before curtailing renewables, obviously because renewables are preventing fossil fuels from having to be burned and hence reducing the amount

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