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2024-04-07 Esbjerg Changes To Heat Pump City Heating System

The city of Esbjerg, Denmark is replacing its coal fired city heating system with an amazing giant heat pump, biomass boilers and waste burning boilers.  The refrigerant is CO2.  Read the description. This is a long 43 minutes but is very comprehensive and interesting.  The cost is about 40 million Euros. 

2023-10-26 120V Heat Pump Water Heater Review

This HPWH made by Rheem requires only a 120VAC wall outlet. It requires a plastic condensate drain tube. It uses about 350 to 450 Watts. Theirs drew 65 kWh for the month of August. Their electric resistance water heater used 290 kWh average per month. The water heater cost $2533.00 from Home Depot. This article

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2023-10-08 Bradford-White AeroTherm Heat Pump Water Heater Review

It’s more expensive than the other brands but they don’t sell retail, they sell to plumbers / installers. The HPWH exhausts cold air. I was thinking that this cold air might be used to cool the home.

2023-07-19 Ground Source Heat Pump Heating And Cooling

Regular heat pumps with a fan condenser are called air source heat pumps. This ground source heat pump instead uses a flexible pipe buried a hundred or more feet in the ground inside of a bore hole. This is more efficient than the air source heat pumps – the electricity cost is lower. This kind

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