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2021-05-16 50% Of Emissions Cuts From Technologies Not Yet Invented??

Bit of greenwashing here. It said 50% from technologies we haven’t invented yet. Well, how the hell do they know that if it doesn’t yet exist?? 🧐🙄😡


2021-05-15 Lawmaker Comparing Jan 6 to a “normal tourist visit”

This this Andrew Clyde is representing his constituents?? What a buffoon!

2021-05-15 Million Mile Battery Is Not Moot Or Irrelevant

From FB group TSLA Shareholders De Bits Said, “…analysts … are focused on million mile battery which is moot if not irrelevant.” To you, Mr. De Bits, it may be irrelevant because you are apparently clueless about how important the lives of batteries are going to be for the V2G – vehicle to grid –

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2021-05-14 CDC Guidlines For Wearing Masks

Yesterday, 2021 May 13, the director of the CDC issued new guidelines for mask wearing. For those who are fully vaccinated, the guidelines do not require wearing masks outside, except in crowds. Inside it’s similar. But those who are not fully vaccinated must still wear masks. However the CDC still defers to state and local

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2021-05-14 Used 250W Solar Panels For $50.00

This was from Will Prowse’s YouTube channel. I would like to get some of these to run an air conditioner. SanTan Solar T Series 250W

2021-05-13 Pelosi Rips Ron Clyde For Downplaying Jan 6 Assault On Capitol

<< Washington — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday ripped Republican Congressman Andrew Clyde of Georgia for downplaying the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, calling his comments describing the insurrectionists as behaving like they were on a typical Capitol tour “sick” and “quite appalling.” >> I think it would be best for

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2021-05-12 Liz Cheney Booted from Third Ranking Senator

said, “…frankly she doesn’t serve us well by causing division in our ranks.”

2021-05-12 TSLA Shareholder Whines About Stock Market

From FB TSLA group comments << More Sun Tzu “When big appear small when small appear big. When near appear far, When far appear near.” In your case, it’s “When dumb act smart when broke act rich when losing money act like you’ve got all the money to lose.” You’re literally crying to the man

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2021-05-11 Power Supply Protection Diodes

First off, *all* power supplies should have what this one has. A high current diode across the output jacks, cathode or banded end to positive. This is to protect the output from reverse voltage. A high current diode across the 2N3055 pass transistor, cathode or banded end towards the collector. This protects the transistor from

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2021-05-10 Power Lines For Data Communication

In the late ’60s a high school friend and I worked part-time with a guy who did FCC type acceptance and other radio engineering. He bought used Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix and other high quality test equipment. One was a frequency standard which was directly traceable to the National Bureau Of Standards, now known as NIST. He

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