2021-05-30 Solar, Wind + Batteries Disrupting FCAS ‘Base Load’ Services

This YouTube video by Tony Seba is stating that utility scale batteries of 2% disrupt 90% of fossil fuel peaker plants.

This video has a lot of graphs showing the trends.


The amount of utility scale batteries needed to replace much of the peaker plants is just a small percentage.

200 mile range EVs will be only $10,000 to $15,000 by 2025.

Oil demand will go down from 100m to 70m barrels per day, and crude oil prices will crash. Refineries will become stranded assets.

The total cost of solar plus 4 hours of battery storage is cheaper than the *operating costs* of conventional power plants. These power plants will become stranded assets.

The cost of transmission alone is more than the cost of solar plus batteries.

<< Every factory, warehouse, business, building, shopping center, parking lot, house, everywhere will have SOLAR, BATTERIES…

For purely economic reasons. >>

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