2021-05-28 Trump Has A Blog?

This article says Trump supposedly has a blog.

Here are some of the comments about Trump that people left. Brutal truths.

<< He sharply divided this country and the branches of government with lies, confusion and his agenda. He has been corrupt in business, he has been mysogenistic since the $70s, he has been a racist his entire life, he’s lied and cheated on wives as well as business deals. He has never actually been a Christian, he Reportedly:had others take his college entrance exams (according to his own sister), reportedly his father paid for the bone spurs diagnosis to keep him out of Viet Nam, he reportedly donated to Plan[ned] Parenthood for years before he became against Planned Parenthood… how do we get his poison out of democracy? Myhope is SDNY, Manhattan, and DA of Georgia, as well as Don McGhan >>

<< Luz Escoto

He did so well that only 1/2 million people died in 1 year. The worst unemployment since the great depression. The only time a “friendly” country put a price on American soldiers heads. The time that foreign countries intervene in our elections. The only coup d’etat the US has faced in history. Yes, we’ve not had a president like him before, and History will judge him. >>

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