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2022-01-27 Thousands Of Institutional Investors In TSLA

There are thousands of institutional investors in TSLA.

2022-01-26 China Is Critical For Tesla To Succeed

“China is critical for Tesla to succeed.” Quote: << Currently, it’s trendy to smear and hate on Elon Musk and Tesla, and although Elon as a person can be very polarizing at times, you have to ask yourself why is there a mass movement geared toward smearing Tesla? That question has many answers, with

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2022-01-25 Lordstown To Make ePickups

This year, Foxconn is set to produce pickup EVs at the Lordstown plant. Quote: << Depending on who you ask/believe, the Lordstown concept was an evolution of the Workhorse electric vehicle project that originally acquired the Ohio factory from GM in a highly politicized sale that, many believe, helped then-president Donald Trump solidify support in

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2022-01-24 GF Texas Datacomm Replies

Reply to Dessie Doolan in comments of Jeff Roberts flyover Day 551, this date. At 3:57 the two groups of conduits are covered with concrete, one looks narrower than the other. I think this narrower one is for datacomm and telecom. If so, I don’t think they would need to run that much datacom to

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2022-01-24 Answers To EV Questions

This is good. I think everyone should read it.

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2022-01-23 Gotion LFP Battery Supply Agreement With Tesla

Guoxuan ‘Gotion’ has agreed to supply a major American EV maker [Tesla] with 200 GWh from 2023 to 2028. He said Gotion has demonstrated an LFP cell that has 210 W per kg. That’s amazing. Currently, BYD LFP cells are at 155 W/kg and CATL is at 140 W/kg. He said that Elon Musk has

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2022-01-21 Volvo Carbon Footprint; Fine Particulates in Our Bodies Quote: << Final Thoughts All this talk about carbon emissions overlooks one important point. In addition to the carbon dioxide that pours out of the tailpipes of conventional cars, they also spew a cloud of fine particulate matter into the atmosphere. Whether its coal, oil, gasoline, or diesel, fossil fuels create FPM pollution when

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2022-01-14 New Tesla Model In China

Tesla new model line coming in China: expansion and hiring underway. This could be the $25,000 model. Contract with shipping company to ship globally. This could mean Tesla may sell this made in China model in the US.

2021-01-08 Geely & Foxconn JV To Address Chip Shortage

This article says Tesla is building their own chips to solve the chip shortage. As far as I know, Tesla has never built the microcontrollers that are causing the chip shortage. Tesla designs its own very high performance graphics processors that take the place of Nvidia chips. These have nothing to do with the microcontrollers

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2022-01-04 Will Tesla Ever Come Out With Affordable EV?

Reply to questions about a more affordable EV from Tesla on FB group: Wait for the so-called ‘model 2’ that is supposed to cost $25k before rebates. Or else buy a Hyundai or KIA or BYD or Xpeng or any other $25k or less EV. Realistically, Tesla may never choose to become a commodity EV

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