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2024-05-28 Many More EV Batteries – Solution To Grid Storage

Article about recycling EV batteries versus using EV batteries for stationary storage.  At this time, recycling is not very efficient. Quote: ““Today we are not very good at recovering metals, loosing almost all the lithium, silicon, phosphorus, aluminum, and graphite, while recovering only copper, cobalt, and nickel which are more expensive,” he says.”” This suggests

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2024-05-27 Britain Passes Automated Cars Act, Self-driving Cars Soon On The Road

This starts at the 12:45 point in this YouTube video from Electrified, Dillon Loomis.

2024-05-11 New Capacitor With 19 Times Power Density Could Help EV Batteries Last Longer

It looks like this supercapacitor could quickly charge and discharge, thus reducing the cycles on the EV battery.

2024-05-06 Media Admits To Making Up Fake Story About EVs Causing Potholes

Media admits to making up fake story about EVs causing potholes.  The Daily Mail in the UK has been called out for publishing lies about EVs.  There are EV hate articles in the newsmedia very often.  A short YouTube video from Electric Viking.

2024-05-05 Tesla’s New Dojo AI Super-chip Will Be 40 Times More Powerful

A 5 min. YouTube video.  Sam the Electric Viking said that the supercomputer is now in New York.  There will be a new AI data center (being built) in Gigafactory Texas. 

2024-05-01 By 2030, 95% of US Car Miles Will Be Traveled By Self-Driving Electric Vehicles

I’ve probably already blogged this, but it deserves to be reprised because it is so important.  Tony Seba and RethinkX made this prediction in this report, dated 2017, available at the link below.   It’s been seven years since this report was released and recently there has been large incremental improvements in the autonomous self-driving systems. 

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2024-04-29 Battery Recycling Shatters The Myth Of EV Battery Waste

Bloomberg is behind a paywall.

2024-04-12 EVs Are Taking Over The Rest Of The World Much Faster Than The US

The States need to give more incentives to get more people to buy an EV.  EVs are taking over the rest of the world much faster than the US

2024-04-06 Study Shows EVs Do What They Promise – Lower CO2, Pollution

UC Berkeley study.  UC Berkeley study confirms that yes, EVs do what they promise to do

2024-04-05 Musk Debunks Rumor That Model 2 Scrapped, Replaced By Robotaxi

Another false rumor spread by Reuters has been shut down by Elon. Also, Electrek stated: “”Tesla is currently building its new production systems for the next-generation at its Gigafactory Texas facility in Austin.”” Elon Musk shuts down report that Tesla is scrapping its ‘$25,000 Model 2’ electric car

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