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2022-02-16 Opinion Re: VAERS, Covid-19, Vaccines, Vaccination And Hesitancy, Skepticism

This Guardian opinion article is harshly critical of just about everything and everyone having to do with Covid-19, vaccines and their approvals, the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC, and vaccinations, antivaxxers, and official policies. The one item I believe is the most misleading is the paragraph about VAERS, the vaccine adverse event reporting list. The author

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2021-11-11 Vaccines vs Non-Covid Related Deaths, Merck Covid Pill

Dr. Seheult of MedCram gives a 24 minute video explaining a large study that shows Non-Covid deaths in vaccinated groups did not increase compared to unvaccinated group. Also another MedCram video about the Merck Covid pill, Molnupiravir as a possible treatment option.

2021-07-15 CoVID19 Vaccine Misinformation An Urgent Threat

CoVID19 vaccine misinformation is causing vaccine hesitancy. The U.S. Surgeon General is calling CoVID19 misinformation an urgent threat. << “Every life that is lost to COVID-19 when we have vaccines available, is a preventable tragedy,” Murthy says. >>

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2021-05-29 No, CoVID19 Vaccines Do Not Let 5G Track You

The absurdity of these claims amazes me. A Politifact article that debunks this nonsense.

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2021-02-02 Vaccinations Saved 37 Million

Most of those saved were from measles. It’s a horrible fact that so many people have been scared away from vaccinations by the fear, uncertainty and doubt caused by the antivaxxers. These horrible people believe they are saving a few people, but in the end they are killing many more. Shame on them, they have

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2021-01-02 Every CoVID19 Vaccine Question Answered

This should be read by everyone who has any doubt about vaccines. Quote: << The biggest challenges to the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Cox said, are trust in institutions, perceived safety of the vaccine, real safety of the vaccine, and access to the vaccine. Elemental has attempted to address all four of those issues and

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