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2021-09-18 In Memory Of Those Who Have Died From Covid

Quote from end of video: << By the Washington Monument, more than $670,000 white flags; go see them now. In memory of the people who died from Covid. If only the people could get the truth and not have to fight through so much disinformation. But there it is, plain as day, right there on

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2021-08-08 Antivaxxers Are EVIL – Dirty Dozen

My statements from comments to a video of a doctor He’s not harsh enough on condemning antivaxxers. The antivaxxers are making money upon the deaths of innocent people who fall for their lies. The antivaxxers kill many to make money by lying to others that they are trying to save lives. There is a special

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2021-05-24 I Lost My Friend To The Antivax Charlatans

I had a disagreement with my high school friend about getting vaccinated. He’s an intelligent person but he thinks the enemy is the people who want everyone to be vaccinated. That’s where the problem lies. The antivaxxers are telling everyone they can that the enemy is Big Pharma and they’re after the patients’ money. They’re

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2021-03-15 Intro: First Principles Thinking Musk Uses

This blog intros you to the concept of First Principles Thinking that Elon Musk uses. Good examples, especially the flying car.

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