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2021-04-27 Put Solar Panels On California’s Canals

This article is about research on putting solar panels over the aqueducts that bring water to So. California. Good idea. There is one issue: getting the power from the solar panels to where it can be used. If there are transmission lines next to the canal then that would be the place to start.

2021-04-08 California Is The Best – Better Than Texas

From FB comment What part of Texas? It’s huge! The eastern part is like Louisiana: hot and humid. But western Texas is like the plain states and Oklahoma: windy and drier, with weather extremes like tornadoes. And the coast gets hurricanes. Right now Tesla is building the new Gigafactory near Austin and is hiring for

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2021-03-06 Half Of California Lives Below A Line Through San Fernando Valley

This is interesting. Half of California’s population lives below a line through San Fernando Valley. Which side of the line do you live on?

2021-01-19 Billion Dollar Water Bill In California

Maybe the state income tax should include a surcharge for water.

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