2021-05-24 I Lost My Friend To The Antivax Charlatans

I had a disagreement with my high school friend about getting vaccinated. He’s an intelligent person but he thinks the enemy is the people who want everyone to be vaccinated. That’s where the problem lies. The antivaxxers are telling everyone they can that the enemy is Big Pharma and they’re after the patients’ money. They’re telling everyone that the doctors are wrong and that it’s okay to get measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, chickenpox and other “childhood diseases” so they will be immune for the rest of their lives.

Up until early last year, contagious diseases had cost the world economy a lot of money due to lost time and productivity caused by illness. Then CoVID19 hit and it devastated the economies of the world. Estimates are the trillions of dollars US; this article from Oct 2020 estimates $28 trillion – it may be more.


The reason why the government wants everyone to get vaccinated is to end this pandemic. And ending the pandemic means businesses will not lose trillions of dollars in multiple ways.

This article says estimate of $82 trillion over 5 years. The costs to the economies do not include the costs to the healthcare systems and the millions of lives that were lost.


This pandemic is extremely serious because it is damaging the economy. The enemy is anything that damages the economy; it could be the Great Recession. It could be a war. This time it is a pandemic.

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