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2021-04-09 AntiVaccine Article Spreads False Narrative Julie Megill I read the article. I will say that several things he points out are false. But it doesn’t matter to you because you won’t believe me. The first amendment he talked about applies only to the federal government censoring the press. It does *not* apply to a private company editing or preventing

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2021-04-07 CoVID19 And Vaccination

From FB comments Michael Chumpitazi Jr. Said, “…mind your business … stop worrying about [other people getting vaccinated]” That’s why you’re part of the problem, not the solution. You fail to recognize that prior to CoVID19 everyone was spreading this contagious disease just by being close enough to someone else to shake their hand. Being

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2021-04-05 Scorpion Venom – A Miracle Drug?

Scorpion venom can kill drug resistant bacteria, can find and label brain cancers, and treat pain. Very interesting!

2021-02-26 Nuclear VS Coal — Deaths

@fact not fiction It’s fundamentally unfair to claim that more people die of air pollution (in a given time) from coal power plants than have died in all nuclear accidents. The *direct* deaths of nuclear power are being compared to the *indirect* deaths caused by air pollution. What must be compared is the direct deaths

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2021-02-09 Cathie Wood: EVs Half Of All Cars Sold In 5 Years And Other Predictions

Cathie Wood talks about EVs at about the 20 minute mark in this YouTube video. The first part is economics. She talks about digital wallets. She thinks 200 million digital wallets in the US, and it will put financial institutions in harm’s way. As part of automation, she talks about autonomous ride hailing. She says

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2021-02-04 Plant-based Diets Crucial To Global Wildlife

This is important. A quote: << Fixing the global food system would also tackle the climate crisis, the report said. The food system causes about 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with more than half coming from animals. Changes to food production could also tackle the ill health suffered by 3 billion people, who either

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2021-02-02 Vaccinations Saved 37 Million

Most of those saved were from measles. It’s a horrible fact that so many people have been scared away from vaccinations by the fear, uncertainty and doubt caused by the antivaxxers. These horrible people believe they are saving a few people, but in the end they are killing many more. Shame on them, they have

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2021-01-30 Pandemics: History And Prevention

I got a lot of information from this lecture. The Avian flu was harmless to waterfowl, but when humans started raising chickens in <factory farms> where the chickens are confined too close to one another, the flu virus spread to infect their lungs. The confined chickens allow the virus to spread rapidly through the flock,

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2021-01-245 TED: Eat Meat Less

Some good tips to transition to a low or no meat diet. The Earth needs you to help it feed more people and stop climate change. I also recommend Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live Or he also has some more recent books, also cookbooks. He explains how you can reduce high blood pressure,

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2021-01-12 CoVID19 Vaccinations

The newsmedia are saying that in order to reach herd immunity by May, we must vaccinate 1.8 million every day. But we’re now vaccinating only 700 thousand. The CDC wants to give everyone 65 and older vaccinations. Also all 20 million doses distributed must be used for first vaccinations; none should be held back for

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