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2020-07-06 Adam Kucharsky Explains How CoVID19 Spreads

Kucharsky is an epidemiologist. This is a great 13.7 minute talk similar to Ted where he explains the four “D. O. T. S,” determine the R (reproduction) value. Start at the 4:10 point.

2020-06-04 Coronavirus Article

Article in Yahoo, originally appeared in NY Times. Says the virion’s diameter is from 50 to 200 nanometers. Other interesting information.

2020-05-29 CoViD19 Lessons From Japan

This article has some very important lessons from Japan, which has 45 times *lower* CoVID19 cases than the US. Quote: “In the absence of lockdown restrictions, public health guidance will matter more than ever. People want to know what the rules are — and why they should follow them. As for the rules, there

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2020-05-27 The China Study – Cancer and Heart Disease

I’ve been reading The China Study, a book about cancer prevention, heart disease reduction and prevention, by eating a whole foods plant based diet. The research is convincing proof that Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his Eat To Live books are right. The nutritarian diet is the best for everyone. A synopsis of the book: The

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2020-05-26 Covid-19 Immunity Seems To Be Long Lived

In this Coronavirus Update #75 Dr. Seheult explains some recent medical researches that point to long term immunity from Coronaviruses. The CoV-SARS2 virus causes microscopic blood clots in the lungs making it very difficult for the patient to breathe. The patient may have to be ventilated for weeks in the ICU, which puts a tremendous

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2020-04-28 The Genesis Of The 1918 Flu Epidemic

China or Russia probably reinfected people with influenza. That sounds like the ravings of a conspiracy theorist. But it’s not and he explains to us why in this YouTube video. Fortunately we have a vaccine to protect us against the common strains of flu. At about 4 minutes before the end during the Q &

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2020-03-09 Chernobyl & Fukushima Cancer Deaths Estimates

This coming week marks the 9th year since the Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear disasters. I keep hearing that all the deaths due to nuclear power plants add up to just a 2 digit number. But it’s not that simple – the nuclear apologists try to understate the deaths and damage done. I don’t think that

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More Coronavirus Covid19 information

Why are Costco, Target, etc. running out of toilet paper? Are people using it for facemasks? Are they using it instead of kleenex? Very strange. Time Magazine has an article about how the US healthcare system is not good for preventing the Coronavirus epidemic. More than 150 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in

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2020-03-03 The 5G Technology is NOT Linked to The Corona Virus

This false claim is being spread around the Web by conspiracy theorists, one being David Icke. There has never been any evidence linking the two. Be aware that these articles use pseudoscientific terms that attempt to make the reader believe the claims are based in fact, but they’re not. Don’t be tempted to go over

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2020-02-28 CoViD19 Novel Corona Virus

The problem with CoViD19 isn’t the ARDS (acute respiratory disease syndrome), it’s the inability of the health care system to respond to an overwhelming number of cases. It’s treatable *if* there are enough staff, facilities, equipment and supplies to treat every patient. You had better hope you catch it and get adequate treatment before the

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