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2021-10-07 Wicked Games – Chris Isaak And Hauser

Two versions – the original by Chris Isaak and an instrumental version by Hauser.

2021-05-27 Jeremy Blake – Stardrive & Other Great Music

I don’t do this here – I can’t remember blogging songs. But this guy’s music is amazing. Jeremy Blake – Stardrive Then there are others!!

2020-09-18 Alan Walker Music Video Fantasy

Very nice! To wake up to.

2020-06-28 TSFH Victory by Thomas Bergerson

Youtube link I spent what seemed like an eternity waiting to find out what the name of this Epic music was. I heard most of it as the background music to a video I saw, and it enraptured me for a long time. Finally I found out by reading the comments in that video.

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2020-06-10 Dubbing Adapter

This is an adapter to connect a source such as a smartphone stereo headphone output to the input of an MP3 recorder. The view and diagram is looking at the back of the adapter where the plugs are inserted into the jacks. The switch handles are on the far side. The switch on the right

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2018-07-27 Alan Walker – Faded 1.8 Billion YouTube Views

I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos totally unrelated to music, and I hear the instrumental version of this over and over, but until now I was never able to find out about it. I had the earworm, I just recorded it and played it while on the road. I found out that since he

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