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2021-07-21 Myth: EVs Pollute More Than ICEVs

There are lying trolls who spew their anti-EV hatred over the social media, and they’re stupid for claiming the ‘dirty grid’ makes the EVs pollute. That’s absurd to blame EVs for something they have no control over, and that’s not their fault. But these are myths; EVs don’t pollute as much as ICEVs – cars

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2021-07-12 Claughton Aerial Ropeway Uses No Power!

This Free Energy ropeway carries 300 tonnes a day using no power, just gravity. It was built in 1924, and is a mile and a half long.

2021-05-30 Solar, Wind + Batteries Disrupting FCAS ‘Base Load’ Services

This YouTube video by Tony Seba is stating that utility scale batteries of 2% disrupt 90% of fossil fuel peaker plants. This video has a lot of graphs showing the trends. The amount of utility scale batteries needed to replace much of the peaker plants is just a small percentage. 200 mile range EVs

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2021-03-14 Wright’s Law: High Volume Manufacturing Praised By Elon

The Tesla factories are “The machines that make the machines” and Elon Musk, from his own experience, understands how complex and difficult it is to get a factory running smoothly at full speed. Wright’s Law Explained by Ark Investments There are good snips of the factory (in Shanghai?) in this YouTube video, especially around

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2021-03-02 Electric Ships – Barges

These are container barges in The Netherlands. They’re putting the batteries in containers – that makes sense. Update Mar 4 – I saw a short video on TV, might’ve been DW News, about fishermen in an African country using a small electric outboard motor powered by a couple batteries that were charged by solar.

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2021-02-26 Trains – Electric Or Synfuel

First a bit of train history. Trains carry a lot of heavy and bulky goods for long distances. Now almost all trains use diesel engines for propulsion. But in the past most trains were electric and driven by overhead wires, the train used no fuel. The electricity could be from any source including hydropower. I

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2021-02-17 CO2 Capture And Sequestration – Thoughts

I read a lot of warnings that we have gone past the point where the global warming would stop at 1.5 degrees C, so now we must stop emitting CO2 and also begin to remove it from the atmosphere. I read about carbon capture and storage but these have the major problem that the energy

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2021-01-29 Gigafactory Texas Timelines & Map

From Joe’s video of Jan 29.

2021-01-26 How Tesla Builds Cars So Fast

It takes 90 minutes for each EV to be assembled and out the door. An EV order can be completed in 3 to 5 days.


2021-01-19 Tesla Estimates Robotaxi $30k Per Year

Elon Musk did a presentation where he showed this estimate of the gross profit of a Tesla EV used as a robotaxi. After the lease expires they want the Tesla EV back. It wasn’t stated if the reason was because they want to then use the EV as a robotaxi. The YouTube video is here

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