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2022-06-05 9000T Gigapress Is For CT Unibody

This is a new theory. Elon Musk said the 9000 ton IDRA Gigapress is for the Cybertruck body, in other words the structural frame underneath the exterior stainless steel panels. Before it was thought that the 8000 ton Gigapress would be for the Cybertruck’s “skateboard” – front, rear and structural battery pack. The 9000 ton

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2022-04-12 Chip Shortage Actually A Wafer Shortage

For more than a year during this ‘chip shortage, I’ve constantly heard, Elon Musk should build a chip fab. Build a chip fab! Build a chip Fab! Over and over again. It turns out that the chip shortage is actually a wafer shortage – there are not enough 200 mm (8 inch) wafers to make

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2022-03-11 More EVs = Fewer Emissions – RMI

Quote: << The reality is that in the United States today, EVs already deliver about 60–68 percent fewer emissions than gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. And when those EVs are charged smartly they can further reduce emissions by an additional 18 percent and even become a grid resource. >> By smartly, they mean charging when the

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2022-01-24 Answers To EV Questions

This is good. I think everyone should read it.

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2021-11-30 The Future Of Cars Is Electric

Veritasium video on YouTube.

2021-07-21 Myth: EVs Pollute More Than ICEVs

There are lying trolls who spew their anti-EV hatred over the social media, and they’re stupid for claiming the ‘dirty grid’ makes the EVs pollute. That’s absurd to blame EVs for something they have no control over, and that’s not their fault. But these are myths; EVs don’t pollute as much as ICEVs – cars

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2021-07-12 Claughton Aerial Ropeway Uses No Power!

This Free Energy ropeway carries 300 tonnes a day using no power, just gravity. It was built in 1924, and is a mile and a half long.

2021-05-30 Solar, Wind + Batteries Disrupting FCAS ‘Base Load’ Services

This YouTube video by Tony Seba is stating that utility scale batteries of 2% disrupt 90% of fossil fuel peaker plants. This video has a lot of graphs showing the trends. The amount of utility scale batteries needed to replace much of the peaker plants is just a small percentage. 200 mile range EVs

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2021-03-14 Wright’s Law: High Volume Manufacturing Praised By Elon

The Tesla factories are “The machines that make the machines” and Elon Musk, from his own experience, understands how complex and difficult it is to get a factory running smoothly at full speed. Wright’s Law Explained by Ark Investments There are good snips of the factory (in Shanghai?) in this YouTube video, especially around

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2021-03-02 Electric Ships – Barges

These are container barges in The Netherlands. They’re putting the batteries in containers – that makes sense. Update Mar 4 – I saw a short video on TV, might’ve been DW News, about fishermen in an African country using a small electric outboard motor powered by a couple batteries that were charged by solar.

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