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2022-04-05 Myth: EVs Will Overload The Grid

It is*not* true that EVs will “cause the lights to go out” because the grid can’t handle the load. People totally forget that reducing fossil fuels means a lot less power will be used to extract, transport, refine, store, distribute and sell fossil fuels. So much of the EV power use will be recovered from

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2022-04-03 EVs Cheaper Than Gas Cars Over 8 Years, 12k Miles

The $1.35 (Canadian) per liter is equal to $5.11 (Canadian) a gallon. 20,000 kilometers is about 12,000 miles.

2022-03-30 More EVs Mean Better Health – Lung Assoc.

The American Lung Association claims switching to EVs will save thousands of lives and $72 billion in healthcare costs. Quote: << The report clearly states, “Air Pollution and Climate Change Threaten Public Health.” The ALA points out that too many Americans are breathing in air that could harm our health. Its State of The Air

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2022-03-24 MYTH: EVs Make More Tire, Brake Pollution Than ICEVs

Another big F U D lie: EVs cause more particulate pollution from brakes and tires. Quote: << Dr. McTurk not only addressed the claims made by the UK Environment Secretary but debunked them in his report. The report discussed brake particulate matter, noting that although all vehicles produce particulate matter dust in the process

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2022-01-25 Lordstown To Make ePickups

This year, Foxconn is set to produce pickup EVs at the Lordstown plant. Quote: << Depending on who you ask/believe, the Lordstown concept was an evolution of the Workhorse electric vehicle project that originally acquired the Ohio factory from GM in a highly politicized sale that, many believe, helped then-president Donald Trump solidify support in

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