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2021-05-03 IBM Daisywheel Current Loop To IBM Serial Adapters

Bill Sherman What’s the current loop sender do? Convert RS-232 to current loop? I had to connect up the old IBM-XTs and ATs to the IBM daisywheel printers from Displaywriters. The XTs and ATs with ISA bus had a serial adapter card that supported current loop on the normally unused pins of the bottom row

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2021-03-18 Stupid Versus Clueless

Ooooh! Them are fightin’ words! I used to say that too, back when this same meme was a favorite on the Usenet newsgroups, the 1990s forerunner of Facebutt. But it got a lot of people riled up because we called them stupid. Well, the geeks and nerds came with “haven’t got a clue.” That sounded

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