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2024-04-19 You’ve Got Mail

Orchestra plays Windows prompts

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2024-03-15 Ferranti Argus “Hearing Aid” Computer

In the “Original Series” chapter this very interesting Wikipedia article talks about the “hearing aid computer” that used the OC-71 germanium transistors which were used in hearing aids and could go only up to 25kHz clock rate. That was quite slow – tube computers could clock at 500kHz.  Later models used faster transistors and could

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2024-02-05 1960s IT Guy Predicts The Future

He got almost all of it right.  But at that time  no one knew how portable they would become.  No one knew how many more things they would be and do – telephone, camera, audio and video recorders, run hundreds of applications such as the browsers that access the Worldwide Web.   Email, messaging, clock, calendar

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2024-01-22 Reports Say Tesla EVs Are Fully Autonomous With New Change [In FSD 12.1.2]

This seems to be about FSD – full self driving. Electric Viking YouTube video 7 mins long. Sam Evans says that Tesla has replaced 300,000 lines of C++ code with a neural network. It’s version 12.1.2. There are a lot of rave reviews by users. Much better than before. If the reports are true, it

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2023-11-14 Amsec, Gary Lorenz, John Darjany – history of campus card

I finally found a bit of history about Gary Lorenz. He and I were high school friends. In 1972 he and John Darjany founded a company, Amsec, to make a “campus card system” for California Polytechnic University, Pomona. In 1974, Amsec was purchased by R.D. Products. A brief history of the campus card industry This

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2023-10-22 Do-it-yourself Power Strips – True Story

We used similar “homemade” outlets on extension cords – we must’ve had more than a hundred around campus. But the fire inspectors wrote us up for using them in permanent locations under desks. We had to change them to commercial power strips. But I set up a temporary registration and add/drop classes area every semester,

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2023-09-23 Mainframe Tape Drives

During my mainframe computer days, someone made a foot or so long rod with a metal base.  We would grab a handful of write rings and have a write ring tossing contest.  During the daytime the day shift would run dozens of batch jobs on the computer, and they would queue up in the printer

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2023-09-11 Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer Causes4

Good information Tesla (TSLA) stock surges from optimistic look at Dojo supercomputer Quote: “”Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas wrote in the note: The autonomous car has been described as the mother of all AI projects. In its quest to solve for autonomy, Tesla has developed an advanced supercomputing architecture that pushes new boundaries in custom

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2023-08-24 What Goes On Inside A Semi Wafer Fab

Asianometry’s YouTube channel has some of the most interesting and informative videos on semiconductor manufacturing and the history of electronics. He also has a catalog of his videos. Here is one which everyone who owns a smartphone or PC should watch to find out what is inside of their device.

2023-08-12 Moore’s Law Is Dead? – Sabine

Sabine Hossenfelder goes over the history and ways that Moore’s Law may still make progress. Also a few good comments.

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