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2022-05-31 UCI: Autonomous Vehicles Spooked By Objects

This research from U. California Irvine says they can trick autonomous vehicles into erratic behavior.

2021-10-26 AI Replaced By Human Drivers – M $ Idea

Dojo whitepaper released by Tesla. Most people have little concept of what AI is; the myths that surround it are masking its abilities. The ironic thing is that we see huge amounts of money go into making a computer that will emulate a human, yet there billions of humans around who could do the same

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2021-08-27 Photonic Computer Beats Moore’s Law

Interview with Lightmatter CEO. Light guides inside of the chips replace ‘wire’ conductors. Mostly for replacing GPUs in Neural Networks for AI.

2021-05-07 Tesla Full Self Driving Later

The AI or machine learning or whatever has to be trained and that’s based on accumulated miles / kilometers. If the training is in its early stages then it stands to reason that it’s capable of only lower level 2. I thought that’s what the Dojo project was supposed to do, but what has that

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2020-09-05 Tesla Sensors&Self Driving; Truth About Nikola

This YouTube video is about self driving but it shows and tells how the sensors do their jobs. LIDAR is too expensive. **************************** This YouTube video is about Nikola and its business model and about costs of hydrogen vs. batteries. Good.

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