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2022-06-01 VPPs Virtual Power Plants – Zero Carbon Grid

Zero carbon grid with VPPs – virtual power plants

2021-09-30 UK Law To Switch Off Chargers To Prevent Blackouts

This makes good sense. If the charger is V2G then it would already be under control of the grid. The chargers could be (and probably are) WiFi enabled so they could be enabled, disabled or controlled remotely by the utility.

2021-07-17 Vehicle To Grid V2G

Jasen Bartlett Said, “people will complain how the duty cycles degrade their battery…” With no justification. The 18650 cells have better than “250-500 duty cycles” and do not “loose [sic] 10% range” due to use for V2G. V2G is a process where the grid has some control over the vehicle charging. If the grid is

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