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2021-08-07 Electricity Generated By State

Article graphs EIA reports on electricity generated by state. “Small scale solar” is supposed to include rooftop solar. California comes out far ahead with solar. Texas is far ahead with wind. What must be done is get those many lagging states to convert away from coal and to renewables. Some states have very little wind

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2021-06-01 MicroHydro power from Water Mains

There is a lot of power being wasted by pressure reducers in water mains. In this YouTube video Matt Ferrell looks at microhydro- and picohydropower turbine-generators that are powered by the drops caused by pressure reducers in water systems. These are capable of generating hundreds to tens of thousands of watts and recover energy that

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2021-04-20 Renewables Statistics For World And Australia

Interesting renewables deployment statistics for world, per person per year.

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2021-03-20 Energy Harvest Website

Reply on FB group climate change Den Wilmeth Much of what this website says is valid, but no further information is given, such as references or where to buy the thing. For instance, you can already buy a solar roof with the shingles, not panels, from Tesla Energy. There is a renewables revolution happening, and

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2021-03-07 Micro Hydro Systems With No Dams

Comment from Just Have A Think #142 – 2021-03-07 I have to remind Dave that these microhydro systems do have downsides. The 24/7 requirement is getting more difficult because large hydro projects upstream can make the river highly variable, and rivers often slow to a trickle or dry up after the spring rains / snow

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2021-02-21 Hydropower Life Cycle Assessments

This is something I didn’t know about. I knew that when they build a dam, they cut down the trees on the land that will be underwater. But there are still lots of carbon in the soil. p.69 << Hydropower has a lot going for it — it’s relatively cheap — but it also has

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