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2022-07-12 P.U.S.H – Converting Mines Into Hydro Powered Batteries

I believe this information is very important – it’s the key to the solution of the renewables intermittency issue. “”A PUSH facility can be developed using mature technological systems—materials and machinery—used by conventional PSH. In what they call a conservative estimate, researchers determined the US has capacity for between 137 and 285 gigawatts of

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2022-03-09 Electric Truck Hydropower

This is an interesting idea. It has some major problems. Something similar is already being used: trucks hauling ore mined at higher elevations use regenerative braking to charge their battery coming downhill, which is enough to propel the empty truck up the hill for another load, with no need to charge the truck. There are

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2022-02-23 Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Articles pumped hydro energy storage Research paper? Downloadable

2022-02-19 Calif Utilities Must Procure 40+GW Clean Energy By 2032

California lowers electric sector GHG target, directs procurement of more than 40 GW of clean energy resources The chart with the yearly figures shows 40.55 GW total must be procured by 2032. The utilities must procure 25GW clean energy generation and 15GW storage, while meeting strict reliability standards. Some of this will be pumped hydro.

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2022-01-20 Pumped Hydro For Long Energy Storage

They say the problem with battery energy storage is that they say it’s not long-term; for renewables we need long-term energy storage. Pumped hydro has been used for a hundred years. Nothing high tech or no scalability issues. Just dig two lakes, one above the other, with pumps and generators between them. The costs may

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2022-01-08 Global Primary Energy Consumption By Source

This is an animated graphic of global primary energy consumption by source. Interesting.

2021-12-31 What Would Australia Look Like Powered By 100% Renewable Energy?

The US would be much the same.

2021-08-07 Electricity Generated By State

Article graphs EIA reports on electricity generated by state. “Small scale solar” is supposed to include rooftop solar. California comes out far ahead with solar. Texas is far ahead with wind. What must be done is get those many lagging states to convert away from coal and to renewables. Some states have very little wind

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2021-06-01 MicroHydro power from Water Mains

There is a lot of power being wasted by pressure reducers in water mains. In this YouTube video Matt Ferrell looks at microhydro- and picohydropower turbine-generators that are powered by the drops caused by pressure reducers in water systems. These are capable of generating hundreds to tens of thousands of watts and recover energy that

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2021-04-20 Renewables Statistics For World And Australia

Interesting renewables deployment statistics for world, per person per year.

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