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2024-01-29 Tony Seba’s Prediction Is Sooner Than He Predicted: EV Battery Prices Down To Half

Sam the Electric Viking tells us in this 9 min. YouTube video. Tony Seba (RethinkX) predicted EV battery prices would fall 50% by 2027. It now looks like it may happen this year. Last year they reduced prices by 30%. This is important because 35 to 40% of the cost of the EV is the

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2023-12-24 Electric Viking Tells Us About Tony Seba, RethinkX

Sam Electric Viking tells about Tony Seba and his predictions. A lot of changes are going to happen by 2030.

2022-03-30 End $6T Fossil Fuel Bailouts

Tony Seba talks about the fastest way to get to Net Zero – by ending the $6 Trillion/yr fossil fuel bailouts.

2021-04-03 Disruption And Wright’s Law – Coal Collapse

Very good explanation of Wright’s Law, applied to wind, solar and storage. And what it will do. We are not facing a slow energy transition. We are facing a rapid and total energy transformation, and it has already begun.

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